The Tory Chimney

Earlier this week, Bill Kristol retweeted CNN’s Kristen Holmes (@Kristenhcnn) tweet of a clip of angry baseball fans hollering “CNN sucks!” with this charming caption:

“Yes they’re frustrated by government & elites & social trends. But they’re behaving like jackasses–& sometimes a jackass is just a jackass.”

Jackasses. That’s what Bill Kristol thinks of ordinary men and women who are “frustrated” by liberalism’s soul-deadening encroachments. Centralized power, crony capitalism, the sale of offices, perpetual war, religious intolerance, and the assault on the free press that comes from . . . wait for it. . . the press notwithstanding, let’s not get excited. Evan McMullin.

“He comes, he comes, the Hero comes, Sound, sound your trumpets, beat your drums. From port to port let cannon roar Howe’s welcome to this Western shore.” — Tory poet Joseph Stansbury.

During the American Revolution, American Royalists would signal their loyalty to the crown by painting their chimneys white with black rings. This secret sign preserved their homes from the depredations of red coats and British mercenaries.

Today, #NeverTrump signals with such tweets its loyalty to the reigning orthodoxies of globalism, open borders, and identity and their contempt for the rabble that dares challenge it.

Just as American Tories called themselves American but not revolutionary, so #NeverTrump votaries call themselves conservative but owe their fealty to liberalism because it holds the bien pensant high ground of every political battlefield.

“You know, I don’t think think this American Revolution thing is entirely NOT justified” goes purported comment from one loyalist colonist to another. We can add on behalf of #NeverTrump, “But it’s no cause to act like a jackass.”

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Jay Whig is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness. Whig practices law in New York and a resides in Connecticut, specializing in insolvency and restructuring. Opinions are his own.

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15 responses to “The Tory Chimney”

  1. The biggest jackass is Bill Kristrol. He claims to be a conservative but when a non politician who has many conservtives ideas takes control of the party, he takes his ball and goes home like a spoiled rotten kid. He has shown his colors and I can never trust his writings again. He has lost touch with real Americans and our struggle in this open boarder and one way free trade laws that have killed the American Dream.

  2. Bill “All hail Obama!” Kristol would have to upgrade his character significantly in order to merit a “jackass” designation.

    The NeverTrumper’s like to pose now as the voice of Authentic Conservatism, but not very long ago they were effusive in their praise of Barack Obama. Combine that with their current desperate effort to make Hillary Clinton the next President and it’s clear that they are as conservative as Leon Trotsky.

  3. Bill Kristol, whose father was a raging whacko liberal, his real DNA, finally, calls him home – a puke, closet liberal, passing himself off as, “one of the guys” (I never thought much of him as a “conservative”…To me, he always came across as a RINO; another Bush, McCain, Kasich….Plus, his panties got all wet for Obama). Idiot, elitist, a*hole….

      • Yes, I fully concur, although keep in mind that Irving is not doing much of anything these days as he passed away in 2009.
        I was an enthusiastic young neo-con back in the 70s, but the next generation of Kristols and Podhoretzes are a total embarrassment and have embraced the culture of The New Class that their parents warned us about.

    • No – they are altruists! In the manner described by George Bernard Shaw: they can sacrifice others without blushing. (Besides, can you tell me where I can find those “neo-con” imperialist colonies are? Because I can’t.)

  4. Krystol (Apple spell check can spell this idiot’s name however it wants) is the jagazz.

    Look, we cannot talk about “policy” anymore. We can’t have the debate about free tuition or government subsidized double digit tuition hikes or shipping jobs overseas.

    We cannot have ANY of those discussions, because at its base, Washington DC is a Corruptocratcy. There are no more “policy debates” for blind establishment idiots like Kristol. You cannot discuss the finer points of interior decorating when your foundation has rotten and sunk into the sand.

    Until Clinton faces charges and a COMPETENT INVESTIGATION has been accomplished, whatever idiots like Kristol have to say is wholly irrelevant.

    You can’t talk about foreign policy when an illegal charitable foundation is breaking tax law and bribery law TO TAKE MONEY FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Period.

    Until Clot’s rotting corpse is carried away from a federal penitentiary, and all of the henchmen, including Lerner, Lynch, Comey, Huma, etc. are ALL sentenced to prison, the federal government is legally illegitimate.

    Until THAT day, secession is looking better and better. What are you going to do, tell us it’s illegal or something?

    And useful idiots like Kristol can rot in HELL for betraying our country.

  5. I don’t seem to find any discussion about the FBI finding Hillary’s Emails on the Huma-Weiner laptop? But given the weekend’s breaking news developments, I’ll share this summary because if true, it means a vote for Hillary is a vote for a Constitutional crisis!

    Here’s my intro to a lawyer’s opinion:
    RE: The Hillary Clinton thread
    SINCE Roosh has closed my polling thread on the query “Trump wins by acclamation,” I’ll post my Sunday HARD News update on the Comey-FBI-Hillary Email here.

    AG Lynch folded, the Court warrant was issued. Everything looks legal, as of now. The WSJ reports that the trove of Wiener-Huma Emails on a shared laptop amounts to 650,000!

    Allegedly, the folder they are contained in was labeled “Life Insurance!” In the words of a Trump supporting lawyer in Nebraska, Hillary is FINISHED!

    Huma will shortly be fired, and the pair will sell Hillary down the river. Ergo, my thesis of Trump election by acclamation remains alive, as justified by today’s news.

    Here is lawyer “Cornhead’s” Sunday night post [8:53PM]:

    Warrant now issued.

    The computer was jointly owned by spouses Weiner and Abedin. Search was proper. They will soon be divorced. Spousal privilege will not apply.

    The file was labeled “Life insurance.” Huma kept all of these emails to blackmail Bill, Hillary, Podesta, Mills et alia, if necessary. She knew she was swimming with sharks.

    Hillary fires her soon.

    Huma is looking at perjury and obstruction of justice. She will cut a deal to rat them all out. She will save herself. The best of it is that Trump’s AG will prosecute or appoint special prosecutor.

    Today was the tipping point. Hillary’s finished.

    A vote for her now means a constitutional crisis.

    Obama needs to say he won’t pardon Hillary. Hillary needs to – but won’t say – that she won’t pardon herself. Too much of an admission.

    You read it here first. America is saved and at the last minute. Thank God.

  6. “A jackass is just a jackass!” Well, it takes one asshole to know one.

  7. I let my subscription to The Weekly Standard lapse. My last issue was two weeks ago, but apparently they haven’t caught up and I’ve been able to download the next two since then. This week’s offering is absolutely sickening with its ferocious pre-election attacks on Trump. If I want to read that I’ll read the New York Times. I’ll stick it out until after the election, but won’t be wasting my time with them after that.

  8. One of the several big benefits Donald Trump has already brought to the USA and the world, by being a candidate in this election cycle, is that he has caused almost all masks to come off and has revealed who the Establishment are – almost to the last man and woman; what they really care for; and how lacking in all real ethics.

    Nearly the whole of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are two wings of one bird. We knew that already, but the past 16 months have made it so evident, so explicit – beyond all cavil – that there is now no hiding-place, not even one small tattered figleaf, to cover this truth.

    The whole of the Mainstream Media turns out to be a completely owned servile lackeydom to the Political Class and its Donor Interests. This too we knew before; but now tens of millions have to know it all explicitly: the bias, the partisanship, has been so extreme that one likens the US cable broadcasters and most of the ‘respected’ press publications to the Soviets’ Pravda or the Völkischer Beobachter of 1940 Berlin. (Take, for just one instance, the way they have hardly given space or time to the worst of the wikileaks revelations – emails of which their own authors do not deny the authenticity – while canvassing at length D Trump’s alleged gropings of women. The latter CANNOT have occurred. This we know for the simple reason that, in 30+ years in the public eye as a billionaire real-estate mogul and more latterly Reality TV star, Trump would have been surrounded by rumours and there would already have been accusations against him, eagerly sought and publicized by scandal-hungry journalists. That he is lewd and coarse from time to time in his utterances is beyond dispute; but there is decades-long no whisper of him assaulting women till – lo and behold! – 3 weeks before election day.)

    His candidacy has also torn the masks off the NeverTrump “conservatives”, who in practice turn out to be frantic not to conserve anything at all: not the American nation, borders, Constitution, veterans, working and middle classes…. They oppose him ferociously because he has exposed this ‘élite’, as they take themselves to be, for utterly mediocre.

    All this amounts to spring-cleaning; certainly of my mind and, I strongly suspect, of multitudes of other people’s. It is a help; just as is Mr Trump’s pushback at Political Correctness.

    If he achieves nothing else, Donald Trump, in switching on all these bright arc-lamps and revealing the roaches for what they are, has done far more for the republic (and the world) than most politicians in a generation.