How to Think About the Future of the GOP (Part 1)

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The fight for the future of the Republican Party is on. Conservatism, Inc., it’s longtime patron and protector, is the incumbent, but it’s become clear voters want something different. And while the election is still 12 days away the battle has been joined. Conservatism, Inc. has a few advantages – they’re organized, well-funded, and other than sniping at GOP nominee Donald Trump and extolling the virtues of ex-CIA agent turned #NeverTrump presidential candidate Evan McMullin they have a lot of time on their hands.

So while the rest of the country is engaged in the serious business of electing a President, Beltway conservatives and their fellow travelers, having fled the field of battle, are circling the wagons to defend their positions and perks. And for some reason they still expect Americans to take them seriously.  Yet still they write. And write. And then they write some more about what will or should happen after the election. The conclusion is always, predictably, the same regardless of the purple prose that surrounds it: Conservatism, Inc. should take back the reins from the voters who backed Trump. In other words, back to business as usual.

What they miss is that there can be no business as usual regardless of who wins the election. Donald Trump’s candidacy is just the latest expression of a frustration and alienation that has been growing in this country – and throughout the West – for decades.  In this episode we address not just the future of the Republican Party or American conservatism but, more importantly, how these impact the direction of the country.

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