Will the Trump Effect Last? Chris Buskirk on NPR Morning Edition with David Greene

American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk joined David Greene today on NPR’s Morning Edition to discuss whether the “Trump Effect” will last past the election, what it is, and what it might mean for American politics.

The short answer is Buskirk hopes the “Trump Effect” will last—if we understand that to mean a politics of personal conviction, one that is more authentic (and yes, sometimes more raw) than the bland, anodyne, focus-group tested talking points we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from candidates.

Bernie Sanders spoke to a part of the Democrat base in a way that Hillary Clinton never would and probably never could. She doesn’t have it in her. While Buskirk disagrees with his big government solutions, he appreciates his authenticity.

Donald Trump is more interesting yet and perhaps more revolutionary. He exposed the gulf between Republican voters and Republican media and political elites on a host of core issues.  He broke with Republican orthodoxy on issues like immigration, trade, and foreign policy and gave future candidates permission to do the same. He even opened the door for Republicans to run against Wall St. and the Chamber of Commerce agenda. And it’s about time. For years now, their agenda has favored rent-seeking and crony capitalism at the expense of average Americans.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, we can expect more Republicans and self-identified conservatives to develop and run on a platform of border security, interests based foreign policy that is skeptical of foreign military intervention and winless wars, and trade policy that actively advances the interests of American workers.

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14 responses to “Will the Trump Effect Last? Chris Buskirk on NPR Morning Edition with David Greene

    • So you think conservatives should stay inside the conservative ghetto?

    • Oh? Are you pretending to be a conservative today? Taking a break from shilling for Clinton?

    • Understanding real journalism requires a basic understanding of history, and a basic vocabulary.

  • NPR hasn’t been consistently liberal since the Republicans took the House in the 90’s and Newt Gingrich first seriously threatened its funding. But even if it were, so what? Should AG only preach to the choir?

  • It will last. Washington has progressively (no pun intended) thumbed its nose at the electorate, and this election, along with the leaks, shows just how much disdain Washington has for the voters.

    It will continue. Call it the Tea Party. Call it the Trump supporters. Call it whatever you want, the angst isn’t going away. The more nakedly the government usurps the process and ignores the actual citizens, the more discontent the GOP base will store up.

    And now it’s happening in liberalland, too.

  • Full disclosure: I love NPR. Oh sure they’re doctrinaire liberal but more in the vein of the way the press used to be. Still slanted, but unwilling to let Democrats slide just because they’re Democrats. On international reporting they’re stellar and they were covering this Obamacare apocalypse months ago. Don’t tell my friends that I said that k?

  • Morning Edition? NPR? I stopped listening to that left wing nonsense back during the Clinton administration. Don’t make me reevaluate my decision to add this site to my morning news tab group.

    • I did the same. I stopped listening to them when I clearly heard their left wing tone. Yes, NPR has been consistently liberal. One or two pieces of fair reporting does not deny its liberal tilt.

  • I didn’t watch the podcast. But one thing is clear to me: Decius will have to assume some sort of intellectual leadership role going forward. Regardless of who wins, he* can’t simply dissolve back into his pre-Decius world heaving sighs out over the Pacific Ocean while getting his oenophilia on with Steve Hayward (at least not without inviting all of us). Decius may be the only, but he is certainly the best, thinker and writer on our political malaise (a real one this time unlike 1979). Barring a miracle, the GOP can no longer effectively represent American political conservatism. It has failed each time it has been given the chance and we ought no longer to persist in our Einsteinian insanity. A new party of American political conservatism is going to have to be built. One of the Right’s billionaires must give Decius his own periodical where he can organize the intellectual vector field in support of the political boots on the ground.

    * or she

  • Trump is riding The American Wave.
    That’s it. He just had the balls to jump in and actually Captain the Boat.

    • It was Obama hating on America for eight years that gave us an American nationalist prez. So I finally have a reason to say, thanks Obama.

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