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Who is Decius? Who is the author of The Flight 93 Election that has Conservatism, Inc. frowning in consternation?

This is the question of looming importance to the leading lights of Conservatism, Inc.. Their courage, never to be doubted, is now summoned and on full display in the usual places . . . so, Twitter.

Speculation about the “true identity” of Decius abounds and consumes them. Even in the wake of the defeat of 15 supposedly “better” candidates for the GOP nomination (to say nothing of failure to thrive of the many “spoilers” they’ve floated to the bemusement of the GOP electorate), they do not, they will not ask where they have gone wrong. They do not confront the idea that perhaps what they’ve been doing lo these many years, mopping up the policy crumbs for short-lived and mostly insignificant victories, just isn’t working.  They do not answer for failing to address the central issue of our time which is what makes the laws that govern us legitimate? Instead the Emperor asks, “Who is this impertinent child daring to question our nakedness?” And they smear the writer for cowardice in choosing anonymity.

This self-referential affirmation loop demonstrates exactly why anonymity was necessary to advance Decius’s argument. How does one draw attention to the fact that “conservatism” as an enterprise has failed if one is but a mere foot-soldier in a once proud army? Do these generals realize that their army is shrinking?

Perhaps they do. And this explains the anger.

So to all of those asking and those wishing to engage in the brave practice of Twitter war, we have an answer for you to the question of “Who is Decius?” And we provide it, no less, in the form of a hashtag.

Decius is millions of Americans sick of Conservatism Inc’s failures and apologies. #IAmDecius

Feel free to be Decius, too.

The Flight 93 Election

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14 responses to “#IAmDecius”

  1. Shapiro’s name-calling, his describing Decius as a “pseudo-intellectual” and so forth, strikes me as ironic. Decius’s article is intelligent and intelligible, the level of argument and quality of thought are far above that in Shapiro’s response, and the classical references that bother Shapiro so much are amusing and unintrusive. (Apparently, Shapiro believes it takes some kind of “classics genius” to have read Livy, which reveals Shapiro’s own level.) I wonder what gives so ordinary a mind the sense that he has got the standing to pronounce on who is or isn’t a genuine “intellectual.”

    • Big Conservatism, Inc., has an affirmative action program for mid-wits. Here one of the High Priests, Ross Douhat, explains on the neo-classical Twitter why he opposes Trump:

      “A lesson I took from 2003-2008 is that a failed/unpopular president can do *far* more damage to his side than the rival party ever could” (this has to be true due to the asterisks that bracket “far”).

      So to use a pop culture reference to appease Ben Shapiro, “Beautiful Loser” is a preferable tune to “Hail to the Chief,” particularly if you want to remain a Washington General at the New York Times. Encapsulated in that profoundly stupid quotation is everything that has caused Big Conservatism, Inc., to implode, Trump to rise, and the Vichy flavor-of-the-cycle Hillary Clinton to seem near-collapse.

    • When he wasn’t name calling Shapiro was busy listing all the the things HE supported and HE opposed as if the whole Flight 93 article was directed at him.

    • Shapiro is an embarrassment even to NeoConism.

  2. Weekly Standard, National Review, Brooks, Douthat, lil’Benito Shapiro are all crazed with their self-righteous self promotion and their next gig on the Loser Boat luxury cruise hanging with the high priests. Conservatism, Inc. has exploded their own suicide vests. Banish them to DPRNK.

  3. “When I grow up, I want to be Angelo Codevilla”

    My guess, which is good as anybody’s, is Decius is indeed Codevilla, who occasionally writes for Claremont Review of Books.

    Dan Schwartz,
    Cherry Hill, NJ


    • No, Professor Codevilla’s writing style is not quite the same.

  4. Excellent and thank you so much for this.

    I went to all of the ‘Conservatism Inc’ sites and not one addressed their 30 years of failure.

    What was so interesting is how again, the ‘True Conservatives’ bee lined into the leftist attacks espoused by Hillary Clinton.

    “You’re a raaaaayyyythhhhhst, Sexthhhhhhist, Xenophttttttobic, Islamophtttthhhhobic, Fa g haterrrrrr, Nativeeetttttthhhhhhst, and a Rayyyytthhhhhhist tooo!!!!!!!!”

    These people know they’re going down and are so broken they’ve been reduced to the arguments of sub 5 year children.

    Well done American Greatness!

  5. You might want to change your screen name if you want to be taken seriously.

  6. CRB is linking to pieces responding. So far, pretty disappointing.