Trending: Bill Bennett Trumps The #NeverTrumps

bill bennett and the nevertrump mafia

The conservative movement and varied wings of the Republican party have always had their troubles with the trending and ultimate nominee—usually right up until the nomination. This year is different. Many conservative intellectuals and party regulars are still throwing their brickbats at him. And yet, the problems and complaints about the nominee seem much the same as in previous years, if not even less significant.

Six years before he ran for president, Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts as a pro-choice, pro gay-rights Republican. Four years after his first run at the presidency he was the nominee. And unity in the movement and party was had. When Rudy Giuliani ran for president, many conservatives supported him, despite his also being pro-choice, pro-gay rights, an endorser of Mario Cuomo, and a man with not a few personal “family values” issues. Ultimately, he became a go-to conservative and a hero of the movement.  

Perhaps the movement and party that supported Romney and Giuliani at various times thought: “Conservative enough.” Or, perhaps they thought: “Better than the alternative.” Or, perhaps they knew what is no longer taught in Poli Sci 101 but has always been true: Republican presidents empty think tanks and staff themselves to their right; Democratic presidents empty think tanks and staff themselves to their left.  As we all learned a long time ago, “personnel is policy.”

Somehow, today, those rules of general understanding and practice no longer abide for too many in the movement.

We don’t hear much about abortion politics from Republican candidates anymore, and the gay rights fights are practically over. But it is worth remembering how much of a litmus test those issues were in adjudging conservatism in almost every election of the past forty years.

Concerns over the conservative credentials of the likes of Giuliani and Romney, while ultimately buried and suppressed in favor of the larger cause—the country and the world—existed for other candidates, too.  It’s a distant memory now, but there was a lot of conservative-movement doubt about George W. Bush—his attack on Robert Bork, Robert Bork’s response, the whole notion of “compassionate conservatism,” and more.  Some may even remember Nancy Reagan’s 1992 comment “Kinder than who?” after George H.W. Bush spoke of wanting a “kinder, gentler” nation.  

End of day, whatever the reasons, the movement and party united—perhaps wrapping itself around the old formulation of William F. Buckley’s, “He’s conservative, but he’s not a conservative.” And as between conservative nominees and liberal ones: good enough.

Now comes Donald Trump. He rips through 16 other potential nominees of every stripe—from liberal to conservative. Yes, his record on conservative policies is mixed. But it is mixed, not one-sided, and includes his public defense of Dan Quayle in 1988. And today, whatever one thinks of his past, what conservative would not want the likes of Steve Moore, Larry Kudlow, and Art Laffer heading his economic team? What conservative would denigrate the advice and list of judicial appointments crafted by the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society?

So, the regnant case against Donald Trump for many intellectual conservatives boils down to either not a conservative enough record or bad temperament based on verbal toxins thrown too personally. One almost wants to channel Barry Goldwater’s 1960 statement right now: “Let’s grow up, conservatives!” Still, we are told—win or lose—Trump has ruined or will ruin the movement and the party. Other times we are told, in the service of minimizing such ruination, we can handle four years of Hillary Clinton.

Now, Bill Bennett is in the crosshairs of the NeverTrump conservatives for this dialogue on Fox News with Martha MacCallum. MacCallum asked if Trump could turn around the polls. Among other things, Bennett said:

Maybe people will also come to the realization that a guy who says some things awkwardly, indecorously, infelicitously is not as big a problem as someone who’s going to hurt the country permanently.

Asked about who Donald Trump needs to “pull over,” Bennett said:

He does not need to speak to the Never Trumpers, some of my friends or maybe former friends who suffer from a terrible case of moral superiority and put their own vanity and taste above the interests of the country. But he can speak to the middle and he can speak to the problems, as he spoke in Milwaukee, and he can speak, as he does, to some audiences, particularly, Martha, a lot of that Milwaukee address was to black America and I think that’s something he should do again. I think he can get 15, 20 percent of that vote.

Then the knives came out.  Charles Murray wrote on Twitter: “Because we are morally superior, perhaps.”  I guess that proved Bennett’s point. Others expressed different kinds of shock—listing titles and quotes from Bennett’s many books, as if doing so amounted to an argument.  

Others merely wrote, “Bennett is wrong,” or took to the various Internet pages of conservative magazines to justify themselves and their points of view to proclaim that Bennett had sold out. It’s a rather long listing, too long to provide all of the hyperlinks here.

The MacCallum dialogue was drenched in Shakespearean references. Here’s one more for the Bennett detractors, mutatis mutandis: “The lady doth protest too much.”

Bennett’s new detractors left out a few book titles in their recitation of his previous work and they were telling omissions. NeverTrumpers confident of a turn in Bennett would profit from reacquainting themselves with the content of Counting By Race, Our Children and Our Country, Body Count, The Educated Child, America: The Last Best Hope, and The Fight of our Lives. If they put all of these titles together with the ones from which they selectively culled the material for their tweets, Bill Bennett’s former fans would note a unifying and obvious uber-tide in his work:  a determination to reverse a culture of political correctness aimed at diminishing American and Western intellectual traditions.

Did those who were so offended by the suggestion that their sense of moral superiority explains their resistance to the GOP nominee actually read or hear the entirety of Bennett’s words, including his last line? Did they give any thought to the possibility that they might be putting their personal preferences “above the interests of the country”?  

Try it this way:  Throughout much of the 1990s, Bill Bennett was campaigning against rap lyrics and entertainment that applauded and encouraged rape and cop killing. Today, we have a grassroots movement invigorated by too many of those encouragements, and one candidate gives it her support. Meanwhile, one candidate stands strongly against it and with the cops. Drug legalization? One candidate’s party made plain its ambition to fight for it by putting it in the party platform. Meanwhile, the other candidate’s party did not. Death of Outrage? One candidate was part and parcel of the whole thesis of that book and would bring her husband (the lead character of that book) back into the White House. One candidate would send the protagonists into permanent political retirement.

For more than a decade, the conservative movement has been asking for more talk of American exceptionalism. One candidate centered his whole campaign around it, the other surrounds herself with the likes of Huma Abedin and a coterie of transnational progressives. Now think about personnel as policy.  Better education outcomes? Who is in the pocket of the unions and who knows all-too-well how much the unions stand in the way of excellence?  A quick look at what the union bosses have to say about Donald Trump should easily dispatch that question.

Yes, it is actually pretty easy to see the interests of this country are ill-served by not only Hillary Clinton and her record, but by the kinds of people she brings with her. These are the people who will staff her White House. Then, of course, there is her husband and all that he represents.

It is actually pretty easy to see that “indecorous and infelicitous” language should be just about the last concerns we all have when it comes to saving our country. Every current or former member of any military branch, or reader of military history, learned that lesson long ago.  

And it is not novel to point out that too many conservatives now have a vested interest in proving they were right in saying Donald Trump cannot win. You will never read a word from any of them about the things Trump has done right, not even his ongoing outreach to the minority community—something else movement conservatives and party regulars have begged their candidates to do for at least a generation but have proven incapable of doing effectively themselves.

We all know many a Republican who voted for Barack Obama. One is even running for the vice-presidency on the Libertarian ticket. Do we also remember what just one year of his presidency meant? Here are some notes to jog our memories: Sonia Sotomayor. The crushing of the dissident movement in Iran (now, we learn, in the service of a nuclear deal with Iran). The beginning of the New START treaty, appeasing Russia. The dismantling of missile defense in Europe, also appeasing Russia. The template of a priori attacks on police. The initialization of ObamaCare.  

That’s a pretty rough single year, never mind what “fundamental transformation” he was able to effect in a full first term. Not one of these actions has received anything but praise from Hillary Clinton; and one can expect her to double-down on every one of them should she be elected.

We’ve yet to even mention Libya. Barack Obama says Libya was his “worst mistake.” In a list many of us could add to, that’s quite a statement. Now, quick: who had the entirety of the Libya portfolio?

Most conservatives, Republican political operatives, and voters disdain the notion of voting for the person and not the party. There is, after all, a country to save. Most conservatives and Republican party regulars care about Radical Islam and want a candidate to talk about it because he means to do something about it.  There is, after all, a country to save.  Most conservatives and Republicans disdain the kind of cultural and legal corruption the Clintons perpetrated during their time in the White House and since.  There is, after all, a country to save.  And most Americans understand the cultural thread that runs directly from cop killing encouragements in music and entertainment to kowtowing to racialist hucksters to the antagonism toward police and the hyper racial debate about safety and policing today.  There is, after all, a country to save.

Want to know about Radical Islam and its threat? Read The Fight of our Lives. Want to know about how the Clintons use power and how it corrupts the country? Read The Death of Outrage. Want to know about the surrender to racialism, political correctness, and the misunderstandings of equality and civil rights that have led to the destructions of urban areas and the rise of racial and ethnic grievance societies? Read Body Count and Counting by Race. Want to learn about how to achieve positive education outcomes, resurrecting Western ideals and how political correctness, multiculturalism, and other bad ideas have been those stumbling blocks? Read The Educated Child and Our Children and Our Country.

What is the theme inherent in all the foregoing?  In a word: country. And what is saving or loving the country about by any normal definition? Patriotism.

These are themes we get some kind of vote on in November and they are the same themes Bill Bennett has spent his life writing and caring about. These are many of the same issues conservatives and Republicans have long cared about as well.  

In the end, I’m not sure if Donald Trump represents governance by the first two thousand names of a telephone book, as William F. Buckley, Jr. once said he’d rather be governed by. I’m not sure if Donald Trump is just conservative rather than a conservative. But I am certain that given the stakes and issues we all care about, and have talked about for years, the last thing this election should be about is saving a party or a movement.  

It’s about saving our country. Most call that patriotism. So, yes: Let’s grow up, Conservatives.

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536 responses to “Trending: Bill Bennett Trumps The #NeverTrumps”

  1. Thank You for a well laid out argument. Our country is on a brink and Mr. Trump is our last hope to right our course. As for the Republicans not supporting Mr. Trump, I fear they may have chosen Global Capitalism over Patriotism. They are hiding their motivations and choose to demonize the Republican candidate. It is disappointing; however, the people are waking up.

    I will share this thought-provoking article on Twitter. Best.

    • “Thank You for a well laid out argument” for Never Trumpers (and others) to vote for Trump I presume. Then can you help me understand?

      Is it “Most conservatives, Republican political operatives, and voters disdain the notion of voting for the person and not the party”, or is it “… the last thing this election should be about is saving a party or a movement”? Liebsohn is contradictory here. I agree there’s a country to save. But why is Trump better than Gary Johnson?

      Given Liebsohn’s priority for issues important to social conservatives (abortion, gay rights, rap lyrics, drug legalization, cultural corruption), it appears Liebsohn prefers that Johnson be ignored, and instead makes Bennett’s endorsement of Trump a big deal. Are the social conservatives doing the same thing as the Never Trumpers, in being the Never Libertarians? This is party before principle or country.

      I agree with Bennett in his “determination to reverse a culture of political correctness aimed at diminishing American and Western intellectual traditions” but disagree with social conservatives that our traditions include more government to punish those who merely offend others plus more government to mold our morality – a position that liberals also take. Isn’t it government’s role to protect use from others who’d harm us (rather than merely offend us)? And if government harms people who don’t harm others, that is the opposite of protecting us.

      If there’s one thing that made America Great, it was the freedom we had – much of which has been lost. Frankly, I don’t think Trump knows, even though I think he wants America to be great. His policies don’t put freedom first. I’d rather vote for a sure thing. There’s a country to save.

  2. Thank you for putting together the entire argument, facing down the dragons of the punditocracy, the Beltway and media elite who I am sure find the idea of voting for a “blue collar” billionaire so distasteful. OOOOOH he says mean things! He called out the media for their obvious bias. He doesn’t grovel in the face of George Will or Charles Krauthammer, both of whom suffer from the “moral superiority” mentioned by Dr Bennett. What I find laughable is the idea that these crusaders are trying to save the Party! No, they are trying to save their influence and power. Like any cornered rat they fight ferociously to maintain the advantage they had as official talking heads. I have been very involved in political discussion since 2000 and saw the “Never Romneys” bellowing that Romney was a RINO, a squish, a flip flopper. Evangelicals assured me that they could not vote for a Mormon! You know it’s not a religion, it’s a cult! My super pro lifers were certain he wasn’t sincere about his pro life stance and stayed home along with their Evangelical buddies. And as a result we got the most divisive, destructive, incompetent and corrupt administration of all time….or at least of my time and I was around for Nixon and Carter so the bar is quite low. I rarely share political posts on FB but this was worth the risk of slings and arrows. Thank you Seth and I miss your voice on the radio as well as that of our beloved Dr Bill Bennett.

    • I can assure you that Nixon and Carter did not do anywhere near as many unilateral and malevolent things as Obama has done.

      • Yes that was my point. Obama is far worse than two of the all time destroyer in chief, Obama.

      • Don’t forget LBJ: Vietnam and The War on Poverty, two intensely destructive things.

      • Don’t forget LBJ: Vietnam and The War on Poverty, two intensely destructive things.

    • You can listen to Seth Monday through Friday from 6-8 p.m. on radio station 960. He is hitting it out of the park!!

      • Thank you. Do you think it’s online? I live a long way from Arizona!

      • Yes because I podcast it. Just download the free app from iTunes.

      • Thank you. I so miss Bill’s daily show and one of the best things about his show over the years was the number of wonderful “sidekicks” for lack of a better word. I was so attached to Seth and when he departed was very disappointed. He did a stint as Friday host and I loved that opportunity.

      • Amen. Hugh Hewitt is a rather weak replacement for Bill.

      • Great article… will download podcast….maybe he’s my replacement for Mark Levin.

      • He could fill in for Mark Levin but Levin is irreplaceable.

      • He could, and should, fill in or replace Mark Levin.
        Levin has become (at least until I stopped listening to him nightly) boring and depressing, pushing his books and TV show and making nasty, unhelpful remarks about Donald Trump.
        Like him or not, Trump is what we’ve got unless you would prefer Mrs. Clinton.

      • Too bad for all of us, Levin has this long term contract. I switched to Sirius radio and down load the shows I want and listen to them rather than Beck and Levin. Works great. Love Breitbart radio.

      • Try Chris Plante podcast. He is a talk show anchor out of DC WMAL. in the mornings. Entertaining.

      • Mark Levin has become un listenable to me. Just like Glen Beck. Bat crazy, just slightly smarter than Beck.

      • Levin has said he’s voting for Trump, which I guess (after reading this board) must make him an “anti-Semite.”

      • He’s striking out. Trump is the end of the party. It is hilarious watching you guys twist yourselves into pretzels in order to support a morally bankrupt, lying clown.

      • When someone would rather vote for an obvious liberal over a possible one, I call that person a pretend Republican.

      • When someone thinks an obvious liberal is a possible one, I call that person a fake conservative.

      • Yeah an “obvious liberal” would have Mike Pence as his running mate, and have Art Laffer and Steven Moore on his economics team. Jesus Christ do you people even read what you type?

      • ?????????So nothing. Getting a few sellout conservatives on board makes him conservative? Wow

      • BTW not a Republican, a conservative who consistently voted Republican.

      • “He’s striking out. Trump is the end of the party. It is hilarious watching you guys twist yourselves into pretzels in order to support a morally bankrupt, lying clown.”

        I bet Trump has hired more people in his life time than you? Is that true?
        That is for you to answer because you know the truth.

        Democrats can say anything and get a way with it.

        I will prefer a morally bankrupt, lying clown, who does not kill people for power.
        What happened to Seth Rich, the young data analyst who was killed
        What happened to Shawn Lucas, the lawyer who served the DNC and Debbie and was found killed.

        Please give me a break. It seams the conservative don’t know what they really want. Who would better set up policies that are closest to your cause?

        Hillary Clinton? Goodluck with that.

      • No wonder you support Trump. Take your laughable conspiracy nonsense elsewhere. Conservatives know exactly what they want, a conservative. Trump and Hillary are one and the same, both progressive liars unfit to be president. BTW the idea that Trump hired more people is intellectually vacuous and pointless.

      • Each of your statements is even less coherent than the previous ones. Might be time to quit.

      • Sorry you struggle with basic reading comprehension. Must be time for you to quit.

      • Hello, Bcrew, care to expand on your post?

    • Trump is tge death of the party whether you accept that truth or not. I held my nose and voted Romney. No chance I’ll do so for someone way, way left of him and who is evil on top of it. The only difference between Hillary and Trump is the party name next to theirs.

      • So no intelligent response. Big surprise. Anyone who believes a word Trump says is a total fool.

      • What’s more important to you smart guy, death of the party or death of our country? Wise up buckwheat.

      • The country can survive 4 years of Clinton. Not sure it can survive without one of the major parties having conservatism as an influence. The election of Trump would mark the end of limited government, constitutional conservatism as part of the Republican Party for the rest of our lives.

      • ludicrous…..your crystal ball is broken….get out your Ouija board.

      • 4 years of Clinton, after 8 years of Obama means 50 years of a far left court and no we will not survive that.

      • If you want to save the country, it’s hard to see how Gary Johnson isn’t the best choice.

        Gary Johnson has a better political record than either Clinton or Trump, and won in a landslide running as a Republican in a Democrat state! Even Weld, the VP candidate has a better record than Clinton/Trump. Johnson also started a handyman business which became a successful 1000+ employee company, without an inheritance like Trump.

      • What complete and utter piffle. You attribute amazing power to Trump. Singlehandedly he has destroyed the party? Who knew the party of Lincoln and Reagan and Coolidge that withstood the Civil War and the Cold War has collapsed because a candidate you reject has been nominated? Your ego is matched only by your ridiculous assumptions. And if you can’t tell the difference between Trump and Clinton it’s a good thing you aren’t voting.

      • Also the party of Romney, McCain, Dole, etc. All three of those were Democrats when I grew up. I am not now nor was I ever a registered Republican although I vote that way more than not. It really is the stupid party. The election this year though is binary. Vote for the person who hates America and what it stands for or vote for the person who loves America and wants it to succeed.

      • And Nixon! Heavens if he didn’t destroy the party who could? I agree with you. Vote for a lying, corrupt, grifter who is a committed Fascist Lefty or vote for someone who clearly cares about a return to first principles, patriotism, and love of country.

      • I attribute know power to Trump. He’s an incompetent clown. Easily duped cult followers nominated him and the party is now dead. It can’t survive as a liberal alternative to tbe Dems. I most certainly am voting. The fact that you think there is a difference between Hillary and her good friend and main donor proves you shouldn’t be. They are both progressive liars and clearly unfit for office.

      • You spout nothing but your uninformed opinions. You provide no facts, no cogent argument. Your posts are nothing but childish name calling. Remember the quote from Socrates. When the argument is lost, slander is the tool of the loser. You exemplify this statement.

      • ????????
        Absolutely priceless. All you did was engage in ad hominems. I responded by destroying your mindless drivel. It was more than your post was worth. What names did I call? You’re projecting badly and playing the victim while engaging in nothing but personal atracks. Alinsky would be proud. Your socrates quote fits you perfectly as it does all Trumpsters.

      • Again with the fake soap box standing. What name did I call?

      • Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump.

      • Trump can’t even kiss Clinton’s hem when it comes to how evil she is. Trump talks big to get the support he needs. He will calm down.

      • Exactly. The same pundits and media talking heads bleating that Trump is using hyperbole didn’t bat an eye when Obama claimed he would cause the oceans to cease rising and the earth would heal. They are like Rick in Casablanca I’m shocked that there is gambling going on!

      • Someone who compares Hellary and Trump and says they’re the exact same must have been equally stupid saying Romney was the same as Obama (you say you held your nose and voted for Romney but did you really, who knows). Neither of these comparisons is in any way valid. Has Trump betrayed his country over and over again for personal gain? Has he sold US technology to China? Has he laundered foreign donations though a pretend charitable foundation? Did he make his personal fortune as a “servant of the people” LOL? Has he wrecked a foreign country that was a working ally of the US (Libya)? Did he blow a 3 am call with Obama that got an American ambassador killed? (Benghazi) WILL HELLARY’S CHOICES FOR SCOTUS BE THE SAME AS TRUMP’S YOU UTTER FOOL?

      • Trump is way, way left of Romney. Yes, Trump had betrayed his country over and over. From draft dodging to illegally doing business with Cuba to shady business with Russia. He has used his foundation for his own profit. He has paid to play. He contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Trump will nominate liberals. You’re the fool, you bought the a complete fraud and lies from a pathological liar.

      • That you do not grasp that NOTHING Trump has done as private citizen (or in your IMAGINATION) can impact on the country the way a Secretary of State does who gives away state secrets and takes money from foreigners to grant favors makes you an imbecile.

      • Which has what to do with anything? He’s justge as corrupt and unfit as her and can can do just as much or more damage.

      • Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Trump rules.

      • Don’t you look like a fool now? Trump has the most conservative cabinet since Reagan, appointed a Constitutionalist to the high court, and is making good on his promises. Stop listening to spineless neocons.

  3. Not really sure patriotism is the operative word. Progressives and politically correct zealots will swear all day long their the true patriots. They say diversity is key to unity, which is an oxmoron. Diversity has no focal point, except, more diversity.
    America, our documents, history, the good done, unselfishly, which far out weighs the bad, is the focal point for unity.

  4. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t familiar with Seth Leibsohn’s work prior to this article. It is tremendously on point and I hope it gets a very wide audience. Thanks to comments on Mike Gallagher’s radio show (which my wife listens to as she also used to listen to Bill Bennett) I found this site and I am grateful for that. We all need to publicize this site as it deserves more attention. If the 3 comments here on this article are at all indicative of readership it really needs some help with publicity.

  5. Instead of insulting #nevertrumpers, you should focus on making sure your candidate wins.

  6. I am not voting for Donald Trump because he is a dishonest man, not to be trusted. Have never come across a politician that has flipfloped so many times in my life.

    • So would Bennett designate you as morally superior? It seems to me that that would be unfortunate if he did. Your argument stands on it’s own merits.

    • He hasn’t gotten anyone killed, lied to the FBI and Congress, sold out our country to the highest bidder, preyed upon Haiti following an earthquake, attacked the victims of her rapist husband…
      Who are you voting for?

    • How about outright thieves as are the Clinton’s?

    • FDR flip flopped a lot. Also, you tell me who is an honest politician? They all lie, period. Hell, tell me who, in this world, does not tell lies?

    • Well, Trump is only running for office. Have you not noticed the many flip-flops, or outright lies, of Obama and Hillary. You can’t vote for Trump because he cannot be trusted? Who then can you trust? Surely not Hillary.

    • Well, Trump is only running for office. Have you not noticed the many flip-flops, or outright lies, of Obama and Hillary. You can’t vote for Trump because he cannot be trusted? Who then can you trust? Surely not Hillary.

    • You sound exactly like those that Dr. Bennett has mentioned…suffering from a terrible case of moral superiority! I know you probably walk on water but ground control to Artylipo, politics is a dirty game and Trump isn’t a polished politician like the rest of them so in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a learning process. Is he perfect? No, but apparently you seem to think Clinton is and to even consider Clinton for a second pretty much shows us your flawed way of thinking!

    • So vote for Hillary, who is famous for being honest
      Oh — wait

  7. If beating Hillary Clinton is the only thing which matters then why doesn’t Trump simply withdraw from the race so the party can unite around a defensible candidate to defeat her?

    • A lot of us opposed Trump in the primaries. Perhaps as strongly as you did. But now we have the situation we have. There is no candidate who could have stepped in over the summer and united the party. People–esp. many millions who unwisely voted for Trump in the primaries–don’t take to such behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

      Bernie Sanders voters who sit this one out are, in effect, giving a half of a vote for Trump. (A limited number would actually vote for Trump.) And conservative never-Trumpers are giving their half-vote to Hillary.

      • “People–esp. many millions who unwisely voted for Trump in the primaries”?! I’m one of the college graduates who voted for Trump, and NOT unwittingly. I’m 75 years old and hopefully won’t see the absolute end of the United States, but it’s close. Trump is the only candidate who said out loud what I thought and wanted to say out loud but couldn’t without being ostracized by most of my “enlightened” friends. Marco Rubio; Gang of 8 and apparently a fan of open borders and citizenship for illegal aliens? Ted Cruz; the Dems would be crucifying him just like Trump but Cruz wouldn’t know how to deal with it. John Kasich; a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Seth is right; These #nevertrump people don’t want to be disinvited to the really great parties in DC or lose their cushy jobs as the “loyal opposition”.

  8. I wonder if Trump were elected and nominated a solid choice for the Supremes–as he did in his VP pick–would the neverTrumpers still say they were right to sit the election out and let Hillary win?

  9. When I vote, I am essentially putting my stamp of approval on a candidate and am therefore responsible for their actions.

    Donald Trump has demonstrated time and time again that he moves in whatever direction the wind might be blowing. Sure, he does so in a very non-PC way which can be refreshing at times, but it is not out of principle. Not in the least. Those who view Trump as sincere need to understand that they are deluding themselves.

    What Trump’s business practices demonstrate is a man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants regardless of collateral damage.

    When Trump refuses to budge on issues and to doubles down on his outrageous statements he demonstrates an utter lack of humility.

    When Trump changes direction on the issue he built his campaign around (immigration) after torching the other Republican candidates for being soft, he demonstrates his lack of principle.

    In conclusion, I must vote my conscience. #NeverTrump

    • And you know what Hillary’s positions are and that doesn’t bother you???

    • He hasn’t gotten anyone killed, lied to the FBI and Congress, sold out our country to the highest bidder, preyed upon Haiti following an earthquake, attacked the victims of her rapist husband…

      Who are you voting for? Is that your conscience?

    • It is silly to think that by voting for someone that you are responsible for their actions. Voting is making a choice, not fully endorsing someone. Have a little humility … or perspective.

      • Yep, people who think like Cree454 are putting their own feeling and pride above all else but that’s the self centered country we live in.

        People like that need to think about what is ultimately better for the future of the country, not their own feelings.

        Anyone that allows Hillary to win this election will be held responsible, and if she wins you can kiss the country goodbye. But the Crees of the world will still have their feeling of self superiority.

    • No, you’re not basically putting your stamp of approval on anyone personally. What people are doing are saving lives and religious liberties and so many other good things by ensuring that the next few justices to the Supreme Court will be like Scalia as opposed to Bill Brennan; that our borders will be secure as opposed to porous; that America will be put First as will the people for a change, as opposed to the corporate elites and the neocons and the politicians; that trade will be fair as opposed to insane; that some semblance of law and order will remain in our society – and on and on. That’s what you’re doing. But, of course, vote your conscience.

  10. “So, the regnant case against Donald Trump for many intellectual conservatives boils down to either not a conservative enough record or bad temperament based on verbal toxins thrown too personally.”

    Wrong… the case against Trump is that he clearly knows nothing about conservative beliefs and is clearly too arrogant and ADHD to learn… his ignorance is profound and demonstrated clearly in episodes like the one where he was confused about whether to denounce David Duke because he actually believes that the conservatives he needs to appeal to are racists at heart.

    Even if he accidentally did understand a conservative thought, there is no guarantee that he could ever turn that thought into a policy given his childlike inability to listen to anyone who isn’t bowing and scraping at his feet.

    I have not voted in a primary for a single republican nomination winner since Reagan…. and yet I have held my nose and voted for Dole & McCain and BOTH Bushes every time.

    But Trump is a dumpster fire too far…. he is an ignorant clown and I would prefer to suffer through 4 years of Hillary than be responsible for the election of someone who betrays every single moral and intellectual principle that I hold dear.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We don’t get a good outcome this time around. It’s never been a better time to vote for your actual preferred candidate. I never was good at playing chess. I’m simple that way.

    • Your choice is Trump with his crappy knowledge of conservative beliefs, or Clinto with her disdain and absolute ferocity toward conservative beliefs. Then 2 other candidates that have no chance in hell and by voting for those 2 you are still voting for Trump or Clinton.

      Yep, those are the choices, so, if you believe voting for someone who hates conservative beliefs and wants to destroy them is better than someone who doesn’t understand them, then I really think your logic is flawed.

    • You can feel smug in your superiority while Hillary is packing the courts with Marxists .

      • Thank you… I will feel smug in my superiority because unlike you I was smart enough to know months if not years ago that an ignorant clown like trump never had any chance of winning the general election.

        We warned you… over and over again… it’s not my fault you trumpies didn’t listen… now you’re trying to blame your intellectual superiors for your own mistake.

    • You very obviously do not have even one single moral and/or intellectual principle if you vote for Hillary; or even if you don’t vote.

    • None of this is true. Trump betrays every single moral and intellectual principle that you hold dear?

      So you’re pro-TPP? Pro-open border? Pro Nafta and pro-Iran deal? Pro-far-left supreme court?

      If so you belong with Hilary , good luck with that. Trump is against all those things.

      • You seem confused between policy positions and principles… I am in favor of none of those things which is why I was warning months ago that nominating trump would assure a Hillary victory.

        Now that I am being proven right you are casting your failure to listen on me.

        Trump never had ANY chance of winning…. why you trumpies refused to understand this I have no idea.

  11. I wonder if, not due to some self-styling or self-definition, but based merely on actions, some people are morally superior than others. Actually, I don’t wonder at all.

  12. I’m having a hard time with some foundational things in this article. Donald Trump is not conservative by any meaningful definition of that word. If he aligns with conservatism in any aspect of his life, I would be apt to assume it was by coincidence, not design.

  13. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life and never will. I will also never vote for human filth like Donald Trump. Those of you who do have willingly put yourself in league with alt-right, Jew-hating neo Nazis and should be ashamed of yourselves. He is no conservative and neither are any of you.

    • Please be specific about your accusations. Name calling is no argument.

      • I think I was quite specific. Trump is not, and never has been, a conservative. He is a lifelong Democrat. If you support Trump, you are not a conservative, but rather a member of his personality cult.

        Additionally, if you vote for him, you have associated yourself with millions of “alt-right” goons. They are Jew-hating neo Nazi garbage people.

        Trump is a fascist. That’s who you support.

        Is that specific enough? Or would me like to explain it to you once more?

      • Stop!
        I support Trump and I have no hatred for Jews.
        Contrast Trump’s SC picks with Hillary’s likely picks.

      • You apparently didn’t read about Trump’s run-in with the Florida elite back in the day when he allowed Blacks and Jews in his “private” club and it really upset the other private club owners in the vicinity. Bigotry? It really helps when you keep yourself informed about topics before you comment on them.

      • When reasoned and logical arguments are disregarded for long enough, sometimes, some conclude that the only framework of an effective argument, is to adopt theirs….

        Had Trump or his legions of drooling minions, demonstrated that they were capable of reasoning more ‘complex’ than that that can be expressed on a bumper-sticker, perhaps more erudite arguments might have been produced…

        Alas…[Belches ‘Trump’]… Seems the most common extent of their capacity…

        I thought Kevin was really extending a reasonable benefit of the doubt, to Trump supporters with his post.

      • When reasoned and logical arguments are disregarded for long enough, sometimes, some conclude that the only framework of an effective argument, is to adopt theirs….

        Had Trump or his legions of drooling minions, demonstrated that they were capable of reasoning more ‘complex’ than that that can be expressed on a bumper-sticker, perhaps more erudite arguments might have been produced…

        Alas…[Belches ‘Trump’]… Seems the most common extent of their capacity…

        I thought Kevin was really extending a reasonable benefit of the doubt, to Trump supporters with his post.

      • Then you are responsible for Hillary’s SC picks.

      • No, the idiots that voted for Trump in the primaries, are….

        Remember HE and his supporters have to convince enough VOTERS to vote for him in the general election, in order for him to win….

        If he doesn’t then, yes, Clinton will pick and will stack, the SCOTUS…

        That follows from NOT winning… THAT follows from not convincing enough voters… If Trump doesn’t, then yes, it’s solely on those that voted for Trump….

      • WOW! Minions and erudite! That GED English and Literature class has really helped you.

      • “Name calling is no argument.”

        Like your cult leader did against fellow Republicans (even though he’s not one) in the primary?

        Did you have a problem with name calling then, LITTLE STEVE? Or do you prefer LYIN’ STEVE?



        You don’t like name-calling, huh?


        You didn’t go to college, and you’re poorly educated.

    • That is dumb. One has to make a choice, and it is entirely reasonable to make a lesser-of-two-evils choice that goes against your rant.

    • For someone that claims to have never voted for a democrat, you sure do know how to use their accusations of racism tactic quite well. Grow up.

      • No, sir. You’re mistaken. I’ve worked to elect conservative candidates for 30 years. I have fought against Democrats who’ve cast those spurious labels on Republicans.

        Trouble is, your cult leader (who is a lifelong Democrat, BTW) has legitimized those claims. Trump’s rallies are full of human refuse: white trash, bigots he encourages to hate the dirty brown people, and ill-informed morons who believe he’ll “build a wall & make Mexico pay for it.” Fools.

        Oh, and the idea that he can wipe out NAFTA with a stroke of a pen? Only folks with room temperature IQs believe it.

        45% tariff on all Chinese imports? Would wreck the world economy.

        You people are geniuses. You probably believe Cruz’s dad killed JFK, & the National Enquirer should get a Pulitzer. Like your cult leader.

        Because you nominated the 1 guy who CAN’T, beat Hillary, she’ll win.

        And I bet you’re “poorly educated,” and Donald loves you for it.


      • Again with the childish name calling and insults I see. And you assume others are “poorly educated” which is another leftist tactic. If you really are the “conservative” you claim to be then you give conservatives a bad name but I’m calling BS on that claim. You sir are a democrat Hillary supporter and you know it.

      • You have a problem with “childish name calling?”

        Lyin Ted

        Little Marco

        Low energy Jeb

        Look at Carly’s face

        Rand Paul is a disgrace

        Bet you had no problem with those.

        You’re poorly educated. Your cult leader (who is a lifelong Democrat who said Hillary would make a great president) loves you.

      • I didn’t support Trump in primary. He was probably about my 15th or 16th choice, but he won. And I am mature enough to understand that he poses no where near the threat to this country that Hillary poses. The outcome of this election is binary, Trump or Hillary. So if you are working against the chances of one of these two, you are helping the chances of the other. Highly educated people understand this – it’s called probability and statistics.

      • Did Cruz’s dad help Oswald kill Kennedy?

        Does the National Enquirer deserve a Pulitzer for saying so?

        Yes, or no?

        He’s your guy. Man up & own it or denounce it.

      • None of this is true.

        Illegal immigrants are bad for the country no matter where they are from. NAFTA never did live up to his promises, and yes, he CAN wipe out much of it with a pen.

        And the Chinese tariff was a negotiating ploy.

        Cruz was polling well below Hillary, Kasich and Rubio are mirror images of her. half the base would have stayed home.

      • Also, I know Steve Bannon personally, and appeared on his radio show. He is on record: “Breitbart is THE platform of the alt-right.” He’s also publicly proclaimed his desire to “burn the GOP to the ground.” That’s who Trump put in charge of his campaign.

        You people deserve the thrashing you’ll take in November, at the hands of the worst Democrat nominee ever. And I’ll enjoy watching you people blame everyone but yourselves.

        And you’re all too stupid to see it coming.

      • If you know Steve personally then you should know better than to call him a fascist. Breitbart has an entire vertical dedicated to defending the state of Israel. He has Jewish writers like Joel Pollack on staff. He has black writers like Sonny Johnson on staff. He has a Muslim as he managing editor of Breitbart.

        When you resort to calling people that support Trump as “fascists” you sound like a childish leftist. Sorry if the truth hurts.

      • How many times have you met Steve Bannon? Zero? Then shut up.

        He’s also a drunk who dresses like a skid row vagrant.

        How much college do you have, Dan?

      • Why does the amount of college someone has matter so much to you? For your info I have a BS degree in mechanical engineering and a MS in controls systems engineering from a top 20 engineering institution. I have worked for Fortune 500 company for 20 years. Does that sound like someone that is “poorly educated” to you?

        But unlike you I don’t judge people based on how much college another person had because I’ve lived long enough to know many brilliant people that never went to an institution of higher learning. And I’ve known plenty of PHds that are idiots. So how many degrees someone has doesn’t mean jack to me.

        And no I don’t know Steve personally but I listen to Breitbart enough to know that their mission is tear down the barriers that divide races. There is nothing on their website or radio show that promotes racist or fascism.

      • Because your cult leader is on record saying he “loves the poorly educated.”

        He also thinks Oswald was aided & abetted by Rafael Cruz, an ordained minister whom I know.

        He also supported Hillary in the 2008 presidential primary.

        He also says a 45% tariff on all Chinese imports would be good for the economy.

        And that “he alone” can fix America’s problems.

        And that he can abrogate NAFTA with the stroke of a pen.

        He has in the passed supported sweeping gun control measures.

        He said Bush was in on 9/11.

        This is your candidate.

      • You arrogant elitist twit.
        Would you discount the opinion of a blue collar worker?

      • On welding or plumbing? No. I would seek them out.

        Politics or policy? Yes, I would reject them out of hand.


      • We are smart enough to know that open borders are unsustainable, and that Hillary will appoint Marxists to the SC.

    • Being right isn’t being morally superior, especially when the matter is as clear as it is.

  14. If one of the pundits favorites IE Bush, Rubio, Kasich had espoused exactly what Trump puts forth The NRO crowd would be singing high praise and calling to depose the Clinton mafia before they can steal all of the furniture and utensils after her one disastrous term as commander in chief

  15. I’ve always thought of the Primaries as voting for your choice and the general election as voting against the worst choice. #NeverTrumpers and pouting conservatives should consider being #NeverClintons instead. But somehow, the concept of voting against someone never seems to enter their thought process. Instead, all I hear is “I can never vote FOR Trump” instead of “I must vote AGAINST that lying crooked Clinton”

  16. I’ve always thought of the Primaries as voting for your choice and the general election as voting against the worst choice. #NeverTrumpers and pouting conservatives should consider being #NeverClintons instead. But somehow, the concept of voting against someone never seems to enter their thought process. Instead, all I hear is “I can never vote FOR Trump” instead of “I must vote AGAINST that lying crooked Clinton”

    • Or another way of putting it is to ask the question: “Which side or you on, #NeverClinton or #NeverTrump?”

      • I’m on the side of having a conscience.

        Serious question: did Cruz’s dad help Oswald kill Kennedy?

        If no, why did your cult leader say he did?

      • Swell.
        You can boast of your purity while Hillary appoints Marxists to the court.

      • Did Cruz’s dad help Oswald kill Kennedy? Yes or no?

      • Yeah, he was the shooter on the grassy knoll.

        Now, go back to playing video games, you moron.

      • No, he did not. The following is a quote from

        “Donald Trump on Tuesday alleged that Ted Cruz’s father was with John F. Kennedy’s assassin shortly before he murdered the president, parroting a National Enquirer story claiming that Rafael Cruz was pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963. . . . His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous,” Trump said Tuesday during a phone interview with Fox News. “What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don’t even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.”
        “I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?” Trump continued. “It’s horrible.”

        NOTE: Trump posed a question that deserved an answer. He did not state that Mr. Cruz “helped” Oswald kill Kennedy.
        If you have additional sources where he did state that, please provide it.

      • Cruz could have easily explained that there was little to no connection. But instead he chose to get butt hurt & damage his chances of winning the primaries.

        Trump baited him, & Cruz didn’t have the sophistication or aplomb to know how to handle the matter. By doing so, Cruz demonstrated he didn’t have the right stuff & needed more seasoning before he would be ready for the top spot.

      • And what was the purpose in insulting the appearances if Heidi Cruz and Carly Fiorina?

        Are you happy that Trump’s current wife is a Euro-trash whore?

      • Who? Oh, the neo-nazi piece of white trash filth who was quick to point out how so many of Trump’s critics are JEWS?

        Nah, I don’t swim in that sewer.

        I see you’re in Germany. Bet you don’t think much of the Tribe either, do you, Stormer?

        You, as well as all Trump primary voters should have been aborted in the womb.

      • I am a sinner saved by the blood of Christ.

        But yes, I am morally superior to you Neo-Nazi, Jew-hating goons.

      • I think, after having read your posts in this thread, that you’re a hypocrite. I don’t believe Christ would of approved of your descriptions of Mrs. Trump or the people who disagree with you.

      • Your fellow Trump supporters want to finish what Hitler started. You know this.

        What do you call a woman who strips for money?

      • I call her a woman out making a living with her body – and I’m cool with that. What I call YOU is a hypocrite – someone who claims to be one thing but is actually not that.

      • What do you think about your compatriots here? The ones with names like “Bill Kristollnacht” and who describe people as “neo Cohens?”

        You okay with Jew-hate, pal? Yes or no?

      • I’m not OK with hate in general, regardless of who it’s directed at. You seem to be OK with hating, though. Which makes you a hypocrite. At least you admit to being a sinner, like the rest of us.

        What do you think of Hillary?

      • I would personally eliminate any known Nazi I came across – I have no room in my life for hate. I don’t hate Nazi’s or their ilk, mind you. I would just consider it deepening the human gene pool.

        The anti-Semites, according to the author of the article you linked, tates the following:
        “This isn’t a majority of Trump supporters, obviously. It’s not even a large minority. But there is a significant core of Trump support that not only traffics in anti-Semitism but celebrates it — and god-worships Trump as the leader of an anti-Jewish movement.”

        That one paragraph is contradictory in that on the one hand they’re not even a large minority, but at the same time it is a significant core. You can’t have it both ways.

        And you go around broad brushing anyone who supports Trump as being an anti-Semite. Even though you only know about these people what you read on the internet.

        When I get off work, I’m gonna go home and drink a beer while I watch Alabama play USC. Enjoy your evening and try to get over yourself.

      • Lie down with dogs, you get fleas. And you can’t even admit that they are in your midst. I bet you didn’t attend Alabama, either.

      • You’re not exactly winning friends with all your screaming fleck-lipped hateful posting about Trump’s supporters. It’s hilarious to watch you scream insults as you lose the argument on facts.


      • Take a look at the pictures posted by “Bill Kristollnacht” in this thread, and tell me what you think.

        (Hint: you won’t.)

      • And if you see that paragraph as contradictory, you clearly are “poorly educated.” Trump loves folks like you.

      • Maybe you should give some consideration to the fact that like you, Nazis thought THEY were”deepening the human gene pool” and were sure they were morally justified. Perhaps there should be NO talk of exterminating entire classes of people for their thoughts or behavior.

        Agree with the rest of your comment. It’s pretty funny to see never Trumpers try to make out a man whose beloved daughter brought him a Jewish son-in-law and actually converted to Judaism into an anti-semite while the entire Dem party just sold out Israel to Iran. Kevin especially seems to be really really stupid as the last refuge of someone who’s lost every debate point is to start yelling “racist” or “anti-Semite”.

      • If you’re into counting antisemites the Dem party and Dem voters have multitudes more including every last Muslim they wave in whose holy scriptures order them to hate Jews. 99% of Jew hatred today originates on the Left, same as in the days of the National Workers’ SOCIALIST party (German acronym NAZI).

      • A stripper and a whore are 2 different things. And who says shes stripped? Modeling and stripping are 2 different things too.

        You’re quite a narrowminded fellow aren’t you?

        And we want to kill off all the Jews? Not me pal, I can read: Gen 12:3 is good enough for me.

        Maybe you should check with Hillary’s arab friends, or your buddy Ted Cruz or Rubio who wanted to wave them in to the USA by the millions.

        Trump wants to keep Muslims out. But some of his children married Jews.

        Hmmm looks like youre wrong again.

      • Actually, Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry. But perhaps Trump hates his daughter and son-in-law?

      • A stripper. Whore is something different. Your turn….

      • I have significant doubts that someone who has genuinely been “saved by the blood of Christ” would claim to have wanted Trump primary voters “aborted in the womb”. Its not impossible, mind you – I have said, and even posted, some things that I regretted upon reflection.

        How about it, Kevin? With Christian love and respect I ask – would you care to walk your statements back just a bit? Pray about and think it over. Regards.

      • That’s what I say to Trump supporters who try to criticize Hillary.

      • Trump wants to stop letting people who hate Jews into this country. Hillary promises she will admit a million people who hate Jews and think raping women and children is their Allah given right. I know who is a threat to me and my family and it is not Donald Trump.

      • Perhaps because (1) Trump’s “question” is absurd, and (2) the appropriate response to apophasis is to ignore the idiot making it.

      • And all of this trivia is more important to you that Hellary appointing more Sotomayers and Kagans, than her throwing Libya into chaos letting Africans flood Europe and getting an American ambassador killed etc. etc. etc? Have you ever heard of priorities?

        But if we play your silly little game, do you care that Hellary’s current husband is a rapist and pedophile who couldn’t control himself to do the nation’s business and dragged the Presidency into the mud with 12 year old boys discussing the shape of the POTUS male member? That sort of beats “Eurotrash whore”, right?

      • He said it was lie, which it was. Trump showed he was unfit to be President. BTW – butthurt is a term that children use, then again, you support Trump.

      • What, Trump photo-shopped the photo? If they were photographed together, that wasn’t a lie. It’s was basically saying that Cruz Sr. was hanging out with what turned out to be one of history’s villains. And that is sort of horrible no matter how innocent the association might have been. I wouldn’t like my father anywhere near Oswald. I was a Cruz supporter who found him less than adroit at handling curve balls when he was supposed to be such a great debater. He was easy to rattle. How would he have survived the massive media onslaught that Trump has faced?

      • It wasn’t his dad in the photo. It’s a laughable conspiracy theory. You’re clearly a Kool aid drinker. Cruz destroyed Trump in the debates. Trump just gave the worst debate performance in history. The irony is stunning. Trump is getting destroyed by the media and is currently imploding.

      • That question did not deserve an answer. Total nonsense. If that was a legitimate question, we should dig into Fred Trump’s involvement with white supremacists. You must agree with that, unless you’re a hypocrite.

      • It’s always mattered to the FBI. In most cases people are known by the company they keep. All Trump did was plant a seed of doubt. Nothing immoral or illegal about it.
        Fred Trump is dead and even if he were not, it’s his son that’s running for President. Did we really care that much about JFK’s father’s background running booze during prohibition? Didn’t know about Fred’s “involvement” with white supremacists. Do tell?

      • Laughable. He clearly attempted to insinuate his father was involved in the assassination. It was pathetic as is your attempt to excuse it. You sound like one of the guys Trump talked about when he said they’d support him if he shot someone.

      • We don’t know. The investigation was not on Hillary’s server. Maybe you should send an email to the Russians? The problem with your team is that they created a Big Tent and invited in all the people who do not bathe. Now you are made because we left the tent and you are left with the smelly people. The Republican party is going the way of JC Penny and Target. Bad decisions have consequences. I don’t know what our party will be called — it may even be called the Republican party — but your party is dead. You had your chance and blew it with endless wars, endless taxes, and endless betrayal of working Americans. You probably take a knee when the National Anthem plays (when no one is looking). Enjoy your moral superiority — it’s all you have Left.

      • All Trump supporters are poorly educated, Jew-hating Nazis.

        You deserve the monumental defeat you’ll get in November.

      • And in your mind, this is more important that Hellary making SCOTUS permanently leftist? Very strange mind with bizarre fixations, staring at one tree while the forest is about to be mown down by a buzz saw named Hellary and her hubby with satyriasis and tertiary syphilis of the brain.

        If Trump fulfills a single one of the main things he said that appeal to conservatives – nominates decent judges in the mold of Scalia or stops illegal immigration of millions of socialist/Dem voters or slows the rate of Muslim immigration, we’ll have a breathing space and be ahead. With her it’s full speed ahead pedal to the metal 3rd Alinsky term.

      • ???And you believe Trump will appoint conservatives? Wow

      • ?????
        Deflecting to Hillary, it’s all Trump supporters do. I don’t think either will. Which is why I won’t vote for either.

      • I am so glad you have a conscience and can prefer a person who has not only lied and lied and lied but put the lives of people in jeopardy by her email practices, had people die on her watch, voted for war in Iraq and Libya thus fomenting carnage of innocent civilians, tried to have Putin go with “reset” thus giving him power to go after Ukraine, condoned and abetted a known rapist and accused philanderer , was kicked out of and fired from the Watergate commission staff when only 27 for being a LIAR and untrustworthy, just to mention a few of her excellent character qualities.
        As the saying goes, you are known by the company you keep. It is so nice to see a man of conscience can be swayed by an off the cuff comment over a lifetime of murder, mayhem, lies, and abetting crimes. Carry on

      • Tell me where I said I preferred Hillary. I will vote for neither.

        Also, do you agree with Trump that Cruz’s dad helped Oswald? Yes or no?

      • If you plan to vote for neither then you should stay quiet and let those that care about the future of the country have the discussions.

      • If you had a modicum of understanding, you’d realize he didn’t. Apparently, the NeverTrumpers are at the lower levels of thinking & analysis.

        Trump merely pointed to a picture of Cruz’s dad with Oswald at a pro Castro rally in New Orleans that was printed in the National Enquirer.

        Cruz’s dad admits he was originally a Castro supporter, but that his views on Castro evolved. Or it could have been that the protesters were paid to protest & Cruz’s dad needed the money.

        Either way, being at a protest rally in New Orleans (almost 600 miles away) is quite a stretch to suggest Cruz’s dad had anything to do with the Kennedy assassination, don’t you think? Only morons would connect those dots.

      • So why did Trump mention it? Why did he disparage the appearance of Heidi Cruz? Why did he mock Carly’s looks? Was it because he’s married to a whore who did porn?

        Do you agree that the National Enquirer deserves a Pulitzer? Yes or no?

      • And I used to think Democrats were the only ones that were dumb.

      • Trump’s wife is a Slavic whore who publicly revealed her body for money.

        He mocks women & the disabled. He appeals to white trash & neo Nazis.

        He’s your guy. Own him.

        Own his crushing defeat in November. You & all his uneducated supporters earned it.

      • No, Cletus. All you white trash POS’s who supported a lifelong Democrat & reality TV star who has no chance of winning. That’s who owns the coming Clinton presidency.

        And you morons don’t understand that general elections are different than primary elections. I despise Democrats, but I must say it will be enjoyable watching reality dawn on you poorly educated losers.

      • Your guys Cruz, McConnell and Ryan are so on their knees to the Scumocrats you have no room to talk.

        Trump fights, and when he wins, it will show the world we don’t need your loser_GOP types anymore.

        And we’ll never vote for you again. Losers.

      • You own Hillary…and YOU will be blamed for her being in office…so get ready…because we will find you in your hole and drag your sorry azz out…to receive the punishment you deserve.

      • She was a model. You know models actually model, right?
        You’re insane, and your GOP never even fights the left anymore. Why would we vote for you?

        We will never vote for your guys again. It’s you and your weak, surrender-monkey GOP who are finished, and Trump will be remembered as a hero.

      • She’s a Eurotrash whore. And of Slavic blood, which if you were a respectable neo-nazi, would disgust you.

        Trump will lose like Mike Dukakis. It’s over, you brain dead walking abortion.

      • Wait, so Trump is a racist Nazi, yet he married a woman supposedly beneath his race? Kinda tough to call him a racist eh?

        I’m sure you can do it tho.

      • See, this is a great example of your stupidity — a result, no doubt, of being one of those “poorly educated” rubes Trump loves so much.

        Nowhere. No. Where. Nowhere in this thread will you see me refer to Trump himself as a racist or a Nazi. (Go look, Cletus.) I said his SUPPORTERS are racists and neo-Nazis. (And white trash.)

        Take a look, for instance, at the posts directed at me in this thread from “Bill Kristollnacht.”

        You may not be a Jew-hating Nazi. But you are without question stupid, and probably white trash.

        And Trump’s wife is a high-dollar Slavic whore.

      • Funny you keep mentioning her nationality. The rest of us just see her as a beautiful woman who made Trump a very lucky man.

        Who’s obsessed with race again? That would be you.

        And as for the whore part: Do you have any evidence she took money in return for sex? How would any of us know this information?

        She’s just like any other woman, some are good some are bad and you never know which is which until you know.

        My money says a woman that looks like that doesnt need to sell a damn thing, so I’m betting your wrong on that, just like you’re wrong on everything else.

      • Well,he’ll be remembered as someone who got the tectonic plates moving that were frozen by leftist PC. Romney was polite and look what happened to him.

      • Pearls before swine. Don’t waste your time.

      • You’re apparently one of those uptight Christians as you declared yourself who doesn’t know the difference between porn and prostitution while the use of the word whore means you’re extremely crude…

      • Did Cruz not only “say” but pledged his word in front of millions to support the Republican nominee?

        Before your conscience goes into overload, you might consider cleaning house. I am a Texas voter and assure you I will be changing who I previously supported.

        That battle is over. You need to get in the real war now. Or you may continue to sit in the corner and only poke Trump supporters as they walk by and ignore the Hillary.

      • Like, the same way your orange god continued to rip Republicans long after the nomination was sewn up?

        Eat it, dude. You support human filth. He’s going to lose badly. Choke on it.

      • Your traitor candidate Cruz supported and introduced amendments to bills in the Senate that would quintuple the number of H1Bs in the country and DOUBLE legal immigration, and give legal status to 20+ million illegal immigrants, which the courts would flip to a path to citizenship in weeks, turning 45 states deep blue.

        Your traitor candidate Cruz said “I want immigration reform to pass”.. we all know what immigration reform really is and what it will do to America.

        Your traitor candidate Cruz supported and wrote in defense of TPP which is unconstitutional due to its sovereignty clauses, in addition to finishing off the middle class of the US with its horrible policies.

        Your traitor candidate Cruz laughed this off by saying he wanted to follow in the footsteps of FDRs trade authority rules, one of the original 3 destroyers of the constitution along with Wood Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt.

        Your traitor candidate Cruz supported blowing away the 2/3 majority treaty clause of the USC, by supporting the openly illegal Corker amendment that allowed the Iran deal to pass.

        Your traitor candidate Cruz supported the TTC and his worthless Goldman-Sachs wife wrote reports in favor of unifying the US with Mexico.

        Your traitor candidate Cruz supported stealing votes from the state primary voters by installing pro-Cruz delegates in clear violation of the expressed lawful primary rules, and the clearly expressed will of the primary voters.

        Your candidate Cruz screams a lot of Jesus and talks a lot of constitution, but when it comes to voting he could give a damn about any of it.

        Cruz is Bush 3.0 and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Trump on the other hand, is a patriot who loves the people of America and wants to see them prosper again, instead of being robbed blind by the two-party farce who they give their money and votes to.

        Cruz is a traitor, Trump is a patriot who supports none of these America-killing policies.

        We need Cruz and the NeverTrumpers OUT OF THE R PARTY, and if they won’t go, we will start a third party and rip them to pieces. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan need to be thrown in prison.

      • Actually, I voted for Rubio in the primary. He’d be 10 points up on Hillary right now.

        And this is more like it. ^^Here^^ is the typical Trumptard. He touches all the bases, though I don’t know if I saw “globalist” or “Cuck.”

        Yep, I voted for Little Marco. I wish I had voted for Cruz, though, because he was the one Republican who refused to bow the knee to your orange, pagan god.

        Now go preach about white genocide, blame the Jews, and convince yourself that all the polls are fake, and that the only way Trump loses is if the election is “rigged.”

        You should be forcibly sterilized.

      • 1 yes you’re a cuckservative, glorying in your moral purity while the result of your policies help the left.

        2 yes youre a globalist, and the US constitution is nationalist, you don’t get to screech about the constitution any more.

        Oh, and you voted for Rubio? The guy who explicity disavowed amnesty during his Senate run and then sat in Chuck Schumer’s office and was told to go out and shill for amnesty and then did it?

        Yeah, you don’t get to talk about liars, anymore.

        And sexual morality re Trump’s wife? Well, Rubio enjoys foam parties. So you don’t get to talk about that either.

        Oh and all the policies I skewered Ted Cruz for supporting? Rubio supported them all too, each and everyone.

      • Which is your favorite Article of the Constitution? The 12th? That’s the one your Cheeto pagan god likes. Too bad it doesn’t exist.

        You know nothing of the Constitution, you Nazi fool. I swore an oath to defend it, wore the uniform doing it, then studied it in law school.

        You’re poorly educated white trash who repeats words he doesn’t understand. And you’re in league with Jew-hating Nazi filth.

        You “people” deserve each other, and will lose badly. Let the hate flow through you, redneck trash.

      • Wow, so hateful toward American patriots. The last time I saw that was when I watched a BLM demonstration.

      • He’s going to win, and the ones who are going to lose are McConnell and Ryan and the traitor class of the GOP.

        Cruz’ class. YOUR CLASS.

      • Actually, Paul Ryan won his primary by 70 points.

        I was hard core pro-life until recently. You should have been an abortion.

      • Hellooo…..I happen to be a VIP where it concerns Cruz. I can vote where it hurts. Having always supported Cruz as my Senator, I will cast my very first D vote if Cruz wins his primary.

        Cruz needs to apologize to Texans and work overtime to elect Trump. He was all hat and no cattle. His dream of being President is over and unless drastic steps are taken, so is his job come 2018.

      • That is so far beside the point as to be completely pointless unless your point is to elect Hillary Clinton. And that doesn’t require a conscience, all that takes is for someone to have their head up their bum.

      • My response would be neither. They’re both pathological lying liberals.

      • Clinton will just be a bad president. We’ve had many and always survived.

        Trump is a threat to the Republic. That’s a different beast altogether. Any Republican leader now supporting Trump is violating his or her oath to the Constitution.

    • The NeverTrumpers remind me of spoil brat children that pick up their marbles & refuse to play when they don’t get their way. They don’t deserve a modicum of respect. They’re losers & they turn GOP candidates into losers.

      We don’t need people that are good at losing. We need people that are good at winning. If the NRO bunch had an ounce of moxie, they’d be finding reasons for why people should vote for Trump. But they’re stuck on stupid & lack leadership qualities. Why are people are still listening to them?

      If Hillary wins, the backlash against them will be enormous. It will turn ordinary persons into liars as they will have to say they voted for Trump. And the NRO brand will be irreparably damaged. There’s no turning back for them.

      • All the RINO pundits will own every horrible act of Hellary. Hope they enjoy eating manure.

    • Certainly the idea of voting against someone has entered our consciousness. Put whether you accept it or not you are voting FOR someone. We find the idea of voting for a lying liberal who is morally bankrupt like Trump, appalling. We see no real distinction between voting for Hillary or her good friend and primary donor, the man who said she did a great job as Secretary of State.

      • Only one of those two committed several felonies while putting the security of the country at risk and also sold access to one of the highest offices in the country. More felonies. If you think being mean is his speeches is the equivalent, then you have a poor way of making comparisons.

      • Being mean? Simply laughable. He’s a pathological liar, corrupt, proud of multiple affairs with his friends wives, and has engaged in all types of unethical and quite possibly illegal behavior. He’s as morally bankrupt as they come and clearly unfit to be President.

      • But he’s already been President. You’re describing Bill Clinton.

      • So you criticize Slick Willie but now want to put another version back in the White House. Hypocrite.

      • So you love Slick Willie and his adulterer and pathological lying cohort Trump. Makes sense.

    • I voted against Gore and Kerry and against Obama twice. Heck I haven’t voted for anyone since1984.

      • Good for you. I’m sure there’s a lot of us. To hear all the whining, it seems like there’s not enough.

    • They spend literally hours cataloguing the “sins” of Trump that are mainly their PREDICTIONS that they present as fact. They know this is a binary choice and they’re completely copacetic in it going to Hellary whose REAL ALREADY COMMITTED TREASONOUS SINS AGAINST THE US don’t exercise them at all. These are mentally disordered people.

  17. In the past 20 years, America likes split government. I would ask anyone who would you rather have? Liberal Hillary and a Republican Congress or Liberal Trump and a Democrat Congress?

    • The real question is, who would you like to have picked the SCOTUS for the next 20 years? An Alinski fan that wants to destroy the Constitution or a successful businessman who has already listed his Constitution-supporting SCOTUS choices?

    • Considering the proven impotence of the Republicans in Congress, no question: TRUMP.

    • The Republican congress is more likely to stand up to Trump than Hillary. If Hillary wins, the GOP congress will be more worried about the media calling them bigots than doing what’s best for the country. For reference, see the last 6 years.

  18. In the past 20 years, America likes split government. I would ask anyone who would you rather have? Liberal Hillary and a Republican Congress or Liberal Trump and a Democrat Congress?

  19. This is the best presentation of the reasons that Trump is the ONLY choice that will preserve America in any semblance of the country that many of us love. There is no argument – anywhere – FOR Hillary Clinton… even from her own campaign… her own lips. This is nothing less that our America’s One Last Chance.

    Omitted, however, from the various attempts to explain the reasons behind the holier-than-though NeverTrump movement that hides behind a cloud of fakey “conservative” semantics is the real truth: That these conservative Elites, just like socialist Elites, really care very little about the country that they govern or the people whose lives they control. What they do care about is the Corrupt System that they have spent the last 50 years building. They are literally willing to sacrifice our nation to maintain their precious place at the Public Trough. That Status Quo is what Trump threatens most, and that threat strikes terror into the hearts of the Ruling Class across the political spectrum. That is their fear and that is the true reason that they oppose him.

  20. I’m just not quite there on voting for the liberal democrat Trump…

    but who cares anyway? the rcp electoral map and nate silver already have thing election thing over.

    Time to move on, Trumpsters.

    • Liberal democrat? You apparently didn’t read the article. Go back and read “personnel as policy” and then name one liberal democrat he has on his team.

    • Liberal Dems all seek advice on immigration issues from Sen. Sessions, right?

  21. In my humble opinion, the NeverTrump crowd has done more harm to the GOP then any one entity at least in this election cycle. They are tainted…all of them…and I hope they pay the price for their betrayal for many years to come!

    • The NeverTrumpers remind me of

      “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
      With four hungry children and a crop in the field
      I’ve had some bad times, lived through some sad times
      But this time the hurting won’t heal
      You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille”

      After 8 years of Obama, they pull this on someone who voted with them for 50 years. No thanks, backstabbers. I doubt you could ever EARN (their fav word) my trust again. So heal away on your Dream 2020. It is over for you when you can’t keep a trusted voter like myself.

      • I feel that way about a party that would nominate a lying liberal like Trump. I didn’t leave the party, it left me. The party has much work to do in order to gain the trust of conservatives.

      • So let’s burn it all down because he’s not an authentic Reagan conservative. I would have bit my tongue and voter for an uber RINO like Kasich over the wretched Hillary and he is far more liberal than Trump.

      • Sorry, but when 40% of your party votes for Mussolini-wannabe with ADHD, that’s not the party of small government and liberty anymore.

      • Correct. We have the Fascist Trump vs the Socialist Clinton. Neither are fit for the office of presidency.

      • “More intrusive government” isn’t quite the same thing as “totalitarian”. And not the same thing as actually running a campaign promising to violate the Constitution.

        Trashing the 1st Amendment? (Religion AND speech). Torture. Warrantless searches. Killing families in violation of US and international law. These are things that Trump is actually running on.

      • I meant to say they are both authoritarians. They both do favor more intrusive gov’t.
        I agree with your comments about Trump. Hillary is no better. They are both despicable.

      • Kasich is Edmund Burke compared to Trump. Trump is not conservative in any way. He’s a Democrat with an R by his name.

      • Correct. Trump is Hillary’s donor, biggest cheerleader, and voted for her. LOL at people who think he’s some great conservative. Good grief, Hillary is to the right of Trump on several issues. Trump wants socialized medicine. He wants to force the military to violate the rules of the Geneva Convention. He wants to abandon our responsibility to other NATO allies.

        Hillary is a crook (so is Trump – see Trump Univ) and Trump is mentally unstable. Both are pathological liars, unfit for the office. I’m glad McMullin is on the ballot in Iowa so I can vote for him. He’s the only conservative running for President.

      • You apparently know nothing. No one thinks Trump is “some great conservative”. What they think is he’s not an Alinsky trained communist who hates America and wasnt Amerikka with her crooked coterie on top just like Putin’s Russian kleptocracy.

      • Please enlighten me because in my view Trump has offered a radically different platform than the Democrat party. Border security, National sovereignty, America first foreign policy. This is the exact opposite of the internationalists Democrat party. But for some reason your hurt feelings about something Trump said blinds you to obvious choice we are faced between an open criminal lying leftist and a businessman who offends people.

      • Glad to. Trump supports amnesty and is “softening” his position on immigration. The wall Won’t happen either or will be a virtual one. America first foreign policy is nothing but a laughable slogan. Everyone believes in that. You continue with this infantile hurt feelings nonsense. Pretending people don’t support him just because he offends people is just laughable. You’re the one with hurt feelings because we won’t bow to your cult leader like you did. Trump is evil and unfit. He’s a complete fraud and is a liberal Democrat. Vote as you like but don’t pretend he’s conservative, ethical, moral, or even remotely honest. He certainly is not.

      • Did you hear his immigration speech? There has been no softening.

        We know what Hillary stands for. I have no choice but to take Trump at his word. You may not believe him but the 1st and 2nd amendment are on the chopping block with a Hillary appointed packed supreme Court. Guaranteed.

      • ?????????
        Then he went on Laura Ingraham the next day and said there was a softening. He’s a fraud and a liar. He supports amnesty. No one has any idea what Trump stands for. He really stands for nothing. All he does is flip flop. No choice but to take him at his word? ????
        All he does is lie. Trump will appoint leftists to the court and does not believe in the Constitution.

      • So you have a choice. Someone who is guaranteed to appoint leftists to the court or someone who says he will appoint Heritage foundation approved judges but you don’t believe him. You are willing to sit it out or vote 3rd party on a hunch.

      • Yes, because Trump’s word has been so golden in the past. The guy walked back his judge pledge in less than 24 hours. At first it would be someone on the list then it became “well, someone like the people on the list”. He’ll never appoint anyone like those judges. It takes political capital to get those judges appointed and Trump ain’t wasting precious capital on something he doesn’t care about. Remember he prides himself in making deals. We’ll get David Souter’s with Trump. Besides, the Dems will never confirm a single judge on that list. Not one. They will filibuster. And please don’t tell me you are naïve enough to think Mitch “I destroyed the Tea Party” McConnell will exercise the nuclear option. LOL.

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Haha so wrong.

      • Both are guaranteed to appoint leftist. He had a Never Trump judge on his list. He said it means nothing and he might not choose off of it. Trusting that he’ll appoint conservatives is simply laughable. All he does is lie and flip flop. A progressive will be elected. It’s just whether you want to support one and be complicit in it. Not I.

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Haha

      • Maybe he doesn’t believe Hellary and thinks she’s going to nominate constitutionalists to the court LOL….

      • He takes 15 different positions so nobody knows where the hell he stands on an issue. The Trump cultists hear only what they want to hear. As you said, he supports amnesty (touchback amnesty for sure), and he’s not building a wall (even if he wanted to build it – he doesn’t- Congress would never appropriate the money for it). He’s a pathological liar, as is Hillary. Trump tells his low information voters exactly what they want to hear, then flips within 24 hours when he’s speaking to a different type of audience.

        He’ll appoint David Souter’s to the court. Why do people think he’ll appoint conservative judges? It takes a lot of political capital to get a conservative appointed, and Trump isn’t going to waste it on something he doesn’t care about.

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Haha so what do u have to say now about him not building. A wall? He’s done nothing but conservative. Orders. Lol

      • Strange how you’re not at all concerned about what Hellary will do. Stacking the SCOTUS to make it permanently left will be her first act. As Dem voters from socialist countries are allowed to flood in with her joke of immigration policy (free for all! More Muslim millions!) there will NEVER be another Republican President of any kind, let alone a conservative one. That you don’t understand this makes you an utter fool. Your ‘PREDICTIONS” about Trump are just that, the product of your fevered brain. What Hellary has done and promises to do is continue the destruction of America that her fellow Alinskyite Obama started, not in our imagination. WAKE UP out of your imagination and look at REALITY!

      • Which is the same thing Trump will do. Trump supports amnesty and the same immigration policy as Obama. Trump isn’t a conservative and isn’t a Republican. Wake up! You’ve been duped. You’re the fool.

      • “Trump supports amnesty and the same immigration policy as Obama” is so unbelievably stupid and out of touch with reality that I will not be reading any of your future ravings.

      • It’s what he supports. It’s exactly what he has said. Like most Trumpsters you’re low info and delusional. The hilarious part is you then called me post stupid and out of touch. Priceless. Best to stay in your bubble. You can’t handle the truth.

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Haha so what do u have to say now about him not building. A wall? He’s done nothing but conservative. Orders. Lol Haha. Lol

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Haha so what do u have to say now about him not building. A wall? He’s done nothing but conservative. Orders. Lol Haha

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump.

      • Wow! The #NeverTrump had been lying about Trump softening his immigration stance for months. Then Trump gave an excellent speech, even his detractors have said so, which didn’t soften his immigration stance a bit. And the #neverTrump are still lying.

        Need to change their name to #AlwaysLie.

      • Trump said he’s softening his position and he supports amnesty. The only liar is Trump. Why are Trump supporters so uninformed?

      • HA ha you were so wrong. So is his sc nominee a lefty?
        Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. Haha so what do u have to say now about him not building. A wall? He’s done nothing but conservative. Orders. Lol Haha loll

      • Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. He’s prroven hes on the right this past month. Whats it feel like to be so wrong?

      • That’s all that matters to some people. If you have the magic “R” after your name they automatically ignore everything else. It doesn’t matter that Trump was her donor and biggest fanboy for years. It doesn’t matter that he’s to the left of Hillary on several key issues. He has the magic “R” so that’s who we must vote for.

      • Obama and Hellary are communisst with a D beside their names.

      • Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump. So wrong about trump

      • That’s what Trump and the Trumpkins want to do, burn the party down. They HATE conservatives.

        John Kasich is Barry Goldwater in comparison to Trump. Trump supported socialized medicine, wants to silence the press. He’s a loon. I can’t stand Kasich but he’s still better than Trump.

      • Let’s see. Kasich supports Obamacare and expanded medicaid in his state, he believes in open borders, he believes in global warming, believes in common core, wants to release large quantities of felons onto the streets and is not someone who will stand up for U.S. sovereignty. Barry Goldwater?

        You guys have to get over your Trump derangement syndrome. Do you even know who Hillary Clinton is? She’s going to make Obama look like Saint Francis.

      • I didn’t say Kasich was Barry Goldwater, I said he looked like it in COMPARISON to Trump. Good lord, man, the guy wants socialized medicine.

        Hillary will be bad but no, she won’t be worse than Obama. Obama is an ideologue, a Marxist. Hillary is a liberal but she’s not an ideologue. She won’t as pragmatic as Bill but she’ll govern closer to Bill than Obama. The Clinton’s number 1 goal is to win elections. She doesn’t have the gift of oratory of Obama, or the charisma of Bill, so she’ll need to work with Republicans to get re-elected. She did this Senator. She’s not Bernie Sanders or even Obama.

        The Republic will survive 4 years of Hillary, just like it survived 8 years of Obama. You guys are worse than the Obamabots with the “sky is falling”, doomsday, crap. Hey, the country will be worse off than if we had Rubio or Cruz running it but it’s debatable it will be worse off if Trump was running it. At least with Hillary we won’t have to worry about us nuking Norway. Trump is mentally unstable, dangerous. We survive 4 years of Hillary and then we vote her out in 2020.

      • Ah, the truth comes out. You’re a Hillary supporter. If you think Trump is going to nuke Norway, there’s no getting through to you. How silly of me to think otherwise.

      • Nope, can’t stand Hillary. Both Hillary and Trump are evil, despicable people. I won’t vote for either. Because I’m a conservative, I’m voting for the only conservative in the race, Evan McMullin. You are voting for the magic “R” after a name. And LOL voting for the guy who was Hillary’s donor and biggest fanboy.

      • The right makes it easy for the left. We have multiple factions like the neocons, the nationalists, and the truecons all claiming to be the true messengers of Conservatism. It’s too bad because the coming demographic tidal wave will overwhelm us all.

      • Trump is peddling nationalist populist crap and that is nothing more than progressivism. Even Trump apologists like Rush Limbaugh concede Trump isn’t a conservative. Like Hillary, Trump is an authoritarian. He believes in big gov’t. He’s every bit the enemy of the Constitution as Hillary. Good grief, the man has been a Dem for almost his entire adult life. He’s donated to Hillary’s scam Clinton Foundation, he’s voted for her (even though he claims she’s a bigot), and he’s been her biggest fan boy (he praised her performance as a Senator, said she’d make a great president, said she did a great job as Sec of State).

        Republicans help the left when they validate the left’s stereotype of the right. When you pander to the alt-right, the nationalists, the neo-Nazis, the white supremacists, the anti-semites, you make it easy for the Dems to demagogue Republicans. You can’t play footsie with David Duke, Breitbart, hire Steve Bannon to run your campaign, and expect people to take you seriously on race issues. You have to loudly disavow yourself from the alt-right and anyone, any group, any media outlet, who panders to them. You also don’t hire a pervert like Roger Ailes to advise your campaign. Sorry, but people who treat women as poorly as Bannon and Ailes do don’t help you with moderate women voters. They are bad eggs who you should never consider hiring to run your campaign.

      • The alt-right is a movement born as a reaction to the left’s recent shift to anti-white egalitarianism. I don’t see the traditional conservatives offering any real resistance to this liberal dogma forced upon society. Some of the alt-right outlets do present thoughtful arguments. You may want to read their work before dismissing them all as neo-Nazis.

      • I’ve read enough of their work to know what they stand for. Jonah Goldberg had a great interview about the alt-right the other day and he’s absolutely right that they should be denounced and booted out of the party like the Birchers were.

        Sorry, you can believe the alt-right crap if you want but it’s white separatism pure and simple, and is not conservative in any sense. Maybe you are a white separatist, a Neo-Nazi, and if so, then you aren’t a conservative, you are a fascist.

        ” But the one thing they all agree on is what they call racial realism, or racialism, which is just a social science sounding term for racism. They believe that, if you read Richard Host (sp), if you read Richard Spencer at the, who leads an alt right think tank, if you actually read the people who created the term, who have been pushing this stuff, the one thing they all agree on is that we need to organize this society on the assumption that white people are genetically superior, or that white culture is inherently superior, and that we should have either state-imposed or culturally-imposed segregation between the races, no race mixing with the lower brown people.”

      • The alt-right sites I visit never argue for enforced segregation or anything of the sort.

        I wouldn’t consider Goldberg an expert of the alt-right. They simply recognize that race exists and are concerned about the dwindling numbers of Europeans. It’s self preservation. But according to Beltway types like Goldberg, it is immoral and hateful to wish for your people to continue to exist and retain their unique traits and culture. But this strange racial dogma only applies to white people. It would be considered racist and horrifying to suggest the same demographic displacement for non-Western countries.

        The Beltway right loses and will continue to lose if they don’t understand that the Constitution, limited government, and free markets do not appeal to most third world populations. The soil is not magic. Without assimilation and no pauses in immigration you will no longer have a united nation state.

      • Who said “enforced” segregation? They want segregation, the “separate but equal” kind.

        Goldberg is more of an expert on the subject than yourself, and his IQ is probably double yours. He cited one of the leaders of the movement and he said it was about “racialism”. Self preservation? LOL. Drama queen, much? So, you are like the loony Neo Nazis in Germany and Europe. Well, at least you are finally letting the truth come out and for that I thank you for taking off your mask, or should we say white hood. You worried about the white race dying out then tell whites to have more kids. Have you been doing your part in saving the white race by having a bunch of kids?:-)

        Republicans will continue to lose if they give the loony alt-right any voice in the party. They need to kick those jagbags backsides to the curb and say there is no place for them in the Republican party. Go join the Dem party if you want or more likely go crawl back under the rock from where you came.

        The alt-right doesn’t give a d*mn about limited gov’t, the Constitution, free markets. Hell, Trump is selling nationalism, protectionism, big gov’t and the alt right is cheering him loudly. Just look at David Duke. How many times were the words Constitution, freedom, liberty, limited gov’t, free markets, mentioned during the GOP convention. Hardly ever. I believe the only mention of Constitution and freedom came from Ted Cruz and the alt-right was furious with his speech.

      • Blah blah. Nazi. Blah blah KKK. I’ve obviously run into an intellectual wall. The left has you well trained. Good day to you.

      • Typical Trumpkin. There’s nothing wrong with the alt-right, they are great people like David Duke. LOL. Racists will be racists. Enjoy your moment in the sun, after Trump gets thumped in Nov you’ll be back to irrelevancy.

        Oh, and LOL as me being a lib. Dude, I’m a conservative, always have been. You’re the one who’s voting for the life long Dem, the guy who wants socialized medicine, and who wants protectionism, big gov’t. I don’t. I hate authoritarianism that Hillary and Trump offer. I want power turned back to the individual where the founding fathers wanted it to be. Take your nationalist/populist/progressive crap to the less educated people. For people, like myself, who are well educated, we aren’t buying the crap you’re selling. Unlike the avg Trumpkin, we aren’t low information voters.

      • Conservatives don’t support or help Hillary Clinton to become president. You are no conservative. Your last comment exposed your wretched sophist elitism. Go and impress your liberal friends with that nonsense. It doesn’t work with me. You’re a special kind of person who will betray his own country to pump up his ego and sense of moral superiority.

      • “Conservatives don’t support or help Hillary Clinton to become president.”
        Agree, Jerbear, which is why Trump isn’t a conservative because he was a Clinton donor, and praised her performance as Senator and Sec of State. I’d say a Trumpkin who gives him a free pass on this is also not a conservative for the reason stated above. Plus, you nominated the only candidate she can beat, the candidate who has the highest negatives in the country. Jer, admit it, you are a closet Hillary fan which is why you are giving the alt-right spin.
        It’s not elitism, it’s fact. Trumpkins are the least educated voters. They were the dumbest of dumb voters during the primaries. People who didn’t even have a high school degree. Low information voters that make even Obamabots look smart in comparison. I’d wager 80% of Trumpkins could name the 3 branches of gov’t and 99% couldn’t name their congressperson.

      • Dude, I do read from sources from different ideological perspective. What I don’t do is spend time reading crap from extremist sites (right or left). Hey, if you want to frequent racist, alt-right sites and read that garbage, it’s a free country. Why don’t you try reading, using critical thinking skills, what the alt-right is saying instead of lapping it up like a dog.

      • Ah yes, whites who think America was better when the country they created and built was run by them, ironing out the wrinkles along the way are “Birchers, racists, Nazis” but when non-whites keep THEIR countries and entire continents for themselves, they’re entitled. No multicult for non-whites. You’re an idiot, easily led by leftists into calling other whites names while your country is handed over to people who neither built it nor can maintain it as a glance at their countries of origin proves.

      • Your foolish vote is effectively a net vote for Hellary, uncountered. You know it. How exactly do you think Hellary or the Dems will be voted out in 4 years? By the socialist immigrants she’ll let in by the millions? And the Supreme Court will have a majority of young EXTREME leftists who will have set leftist policies in legal stone for 4 years. Who’s going to overcome that kind of demographics and a permanently leftis SCOTUS? God?

      • McCain and Romney’s actual record of accomplishment is mostly liberal as well ie campaign finance control, amnesty and Romneycare. And hey until Obama came along who gave us the biggest expansion of the welfare state since LBJ, right that would be compassionate “conservative” W. Bush. (It is so easy to be compassionate with other people’s money.)

        Trump is running a more conservative campaign than the last 3 GOP nominees. But facts do not matter to the #NeverTrump. They are 2 year olds throwing a tantrum. Only if you raise them right a 2 year old will grow out of it in a few months, #NeverTrump clearly not raised right.

      • Trump isn’t running a more conservative campaign than the last 3 GOP nominees. Trump said in the first debate he favored a healthcare system similar to Canada (socialized medicine), that’s to the left of Romneycare. He’s proposed raising taxes (increase taxes on “the rich” and a 40% tariff on goods coming from China, etc). He supports huge gov’t spending on infrastructure (twice the size of what Obama did) as “stimulus”. He wants to silence the media. He wants to force the military to violate the rules of the Geneva Convention by ordering them to murder wives and children of terrorists. He wants to not honor our commitment to NATO.
        The man is far to the left of even liberals like McCain and Romney. Even more troubling is he’s mentally unstable. Talk about temper tantrum, that’s Trump every day on Twitter.
        Why would any conservative vote for Trump or Hillary? You have two liberal NY Dems, who are pathological liars, authoritarians, unfit to serve as president. Trump was Hillary’s donor and biggest fanboy.

      • Beyond laughable. Trump is so far left of Romney and McCain he’s off the road. He is not conservative in any way. Trumpsters are the infants who support one of their own. Not raised right? And you support Trump? I can’t stop laughing. I guess you were taught it’s okay to be a pathological liar and to hurl vicious personal attacks without merit on good people.

      • You are so wrong about trump. Wow one month and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump.

      • Wow one mont. In and trump has done more than obama and has implemented nothing but conservative principles. You on the left were so wrong about trump.

    • Beyond laughable. Ignorant Trumpsters have destroyed the party by nominating and unelectable clown. They’ll pay the price. They own this disaster. You guys are the traitors.

      • I use to consider myself a moderate to conservative for many years but every time I read what spews from their mouths during this Presidential election (your case in point), I realize that the best thing Trump did was destroy any chance of them electing someone of their ilk…how do you say one-and-done Cruz? Even if Trump loses, which I agree is a distinct possibility consider the forces fighting against him, knowing that the influence of conservative nitwits such as yourself has been significantly diminished gives me a strong sense of satisfaction! Your only option now is to form a 3rd party, which is basically a dead-end or stay home and play with yourselves, which I suspect is “your” favorite pass time these days!

      • ?????????
        You’ve never been conservative in the slightest. Clinton will cause as much damage to the Dems as Trump will to the Republicans. The Republican Party will likely come out stronger and more conservative after Trump gets crushed and ignorant people like you run back to the Dems.

      • Well Einstein, that’s where you are wrong. I haven’t voted for a Dim since Jimmy Carter…not even dog catcher…and I don’t expect that to ever change! I do agree with Clinton doing plenty of damage though after eight years of the community organizer, the damage may be beyond repair no thanks the very conservatives that had a bone up their arse over Romney, who again wasn’t perfect but a sight better then the alternative. Anyway, it’s obvious you live in a right-wing echo chamber so you keep that wish list alive if that’s going to make you feel yourself up better.

      • Yet you support one now. Trump is a liberal Democrat, always has been. He’s good friends with Hillary, funded her, and said she did a great job as Secretary of State. He said her and Obama were a dream team and was a self-described Obama cheerleader. Romney was a poor candidate and not a trustworthy conservative but I held my nose and voted for him. No way I’ll do the same for someone way left of him, way more incompetent, and evil like Trump. You’re the one living in a bubble. Trump is a disaster. He’s tbe only one who Hillary can beat. Rubio would be up big by now.

      • Its all about the supreme court and Trump has given his list of nominees if elected and every conservative pundit has agreed it’s a good list of conservative jurists. We know who Clinton will nominate for the court so we don’t even have to dwell on that. Now there is the possibility that Trump may flip-flop but if he does that, he will be one term and done. I know what Clinton will do and I am willing to take my chances on Trump just on that subject alone. I might also add that you categorize Trump as a liberal because of his social positions, which I agree are more liberal then any conservative would normally tolerate. But he beat everyone in the GOP line-up which tells you how important the social issues are these days even among the GOP. I don’t much care if you don’t vote for Trump because I think there will be enough Dims to make up for you right-wingers but I am convinced it’s that same attitude you harbor that gave us the community organizer for another four years so tell me how that’s been working for you?

      • Beyond laughable. Trump has flip flopped relentlessly. He already said the list means nothing and he might not select from it. There was a Never Trump judge on the list. It was a cynical attempt at getting those easily duped on board. He completely caved on his signature issue and now supports amnesty. He can’t be trusted on anything let alone appointing conservatives to the court. He’s a liberal. You just don’t get it. He has already flip flopped. He stands for absolutely nothing and will say anything to get elected. Trump is a big government liberal not just on social isdues. He beat the GOP field because they split the vote and low info cult followers fell for a complete fraud and pathological liar. Trump can’t win, never could. His nomination guaranteed a Hillary win. He’s the only one she could beat.

      • You are boring, predictable, and quite angry. I can only assume you must have been a 1-and-done Cruz supporter or listen way to much to the likes of Mark Levin. If Trump is as liberal as you say, which I’m not denying, then why does a conservative icon like Phyllis Schlafly, rest her soul, go to the effort of writing a book for the case of Trump. There is more then one conservative opinion of the day though talking to the likes of you, nobody would know it. Maybe you should expand your reading list and avoid the talk radio shows for some added perspective!

      • I love it when you guys have no intelligent response. You can’t defend Trump. Can’t show how he’s conservative in the slightest. So instead you talk about who supports him or come up with foolishness about why I don’t. It’s irrelevant nonsense. Who knows why Schafly supports him? Maybe her hatred for Hillary. Maybe she’s senile. Fact remains he isn’t conservative in any way. You can pretend if you like or talk about how some conservatives support him. His policies, record, and what he says prove him to be a liberal Democrat. If you want to support him at least own who and what you are supporting.

      • Your a mental midget and you have bored me so badly that I don’t even want to insult you any more.

      • I’m the mental midget but I know how to use you’re. ????
        All you have is infantile insults. No wonder you support Trump.

  22. Logical, honest, well written. George Will, Bill Kristol, Steve Hayes, and their ilk are Quislings who have destroyed the party. They have put their own ego and “purity” ahead of the real world consequences of having Hillary elected. The Republican party no longer represents me or I suspect, much of the Republican base.

    • Here’s a picture of them for your files.

      Is use it as a Dart Board.

  23. Hillary will rule to the left of Lenin, but the guys at NRO are worried that Trump’s not conservative enough?

    Really? Is that all they got? Because it appears the writers at the NRO are stuck on stupid.

    Let’s hope their former readers aren’t.

    Critical analysis (which the NRO bunch has either abandoned or never had in the first place) requires a comparative analysis. And compared to Hillary Rotten Clinton, Trump’s a diamond in the rough.

    Tim Kaine has promised “immigration reform” (code word for amnesty) in the first 100 days of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. That will add several million more Democrat votes to the election rolls.

    The Election results for Presidency in 2000 & 2004 were razor thin. And the GOP lost in 2008 & 2012. With 10-20 million new Democrat votes added to the rolls, conservative candidates may never win another Election.

    If Hillary wins, she will appoint Scalia’s successor. That means the Supreme Court will immediately
    get bent to the left. Four Justices on the Court already think the prior decisions of the Court upholding people’s rights to own firearms were decided wrongly & that government has the right to impose whatever controls on people’s right to own firearms it wants to. With one more liberal Justice on the Court, there goes your already dwindling Second Amendment rights.

    People, the left is dropping a totalitarian net over us. If we don’t stop it now, we’re going to slip into darkness. Every aspect of our lives will be regulated.

    The only thing the people at NRO are good at is helping the GOP lose elections.

  24. In the not too distant past anyone in the conservative movement would have spit on anyone who called American POWs losers for getting caught. In the not too distant past conservatives would have backhanded anyone who suggested that we target babies, toddlers, women and others simply because they are related to somebody. Seth and others have lost their conservative conscience and their honor in supporting such an un-American candidate. Ike & Reagan would recoil in horror over such a narcissistic sociopath as Republican nominee. And anyone who thinks he believes any of the words coming out of his mouth is a complete and utter fool- oh, except for how totally awesome he is.

    • It’s called pragmatism (a.k.a., not shooting yourself in the foot).

      And Reagan would have recoiled in horror at the massive decline in intellect among members of the GOP, many of which have lost the ability to understand the obvious & react appropriately.

      Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it. And history has never been kind to zealots.

    • Sorry Peter, but as I remember in the Marine Corps, getting “caught” was not an option; but that doesn’t mean that POWs are losers and that’s not what Trump said. McCain’s naval record was not stellar and Trump knew it.
      No one is targeting babies. Their parents are responsible for their children’s misery not me for demanding that laws be enforced. And BTW, go read about what Ike did in the 1950s deporting illegal immigrants.
      Please being thinking about the misery of millions of Americans who are without jobs, working at depressed wages, on drugs, etc. because we don’t enforce or immigration laws. I know these people. I’ve seen illegal immigrants take their jobs and it needs to stop.

  25. The ##NeverTrumpers are nothing more than modern-day Pharisees. It’s ironic that the ringleaders are mostly Jewish and the spirit the same as 2,000 years ago: “crucify, crucify, he’s not who he says he is.”

    • Nice. A Jew-hating alt-right Nazi shows who he is.

      I will enjoy watching you skin heads take a thrashing.

      • You might want to read about what Jesus had to say about the Pharisees before you start calling me names.

      • Why did you mention that many of Trump’s critics are Jewish? Was that germane?

        Oh, and another Trumptard all of a sudden has a problem with name-calling? That’s rich. Ever listened to your orange god before, moron?

        What, NOW is the time to be civil?

        You’re supporting a 14-year-old girl who’s perpetually menstruating.

      • Yeah? Then you goose-stepping Trumptards should love me.

        You’re in a cult of personality. You’ve been conned by a lifelong Democrat.

        Trump supporters are in league with Jew-hating Nazis. You deserve to lose. And you will. Choke on it, boy.

      • You see your buddies slinging antiSemitic hate, don’t you?

        You’re ALL a bunch of Jew-hating Nazis. None of you are Christians. You’re seething with hate because of the pathetic state of your lives, and need somebody to blame. Trump, a lifelong pro-abortion Democrat, has given you an outlet.

        You should all commit ritual suicide after he loses. America will truly be great when you’re all dead.

        Sterilize yourselves.

      • Kevin,
        There is no stronger friend to Israel and the Jews than a conservative Baptist, a dispensationalist. Lots of them are supporting Trump. In my case it is due to the immigration issue and the subsequent decline of American culture.
        It just so happens that secular Jews are in the vanguard of the #neverTrump brigade (the prominent likes of George Will, Mark Levin, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro (observant), Bill Kristol, and others at NR). These have been Breitbart allies in the past, yet they now discourage support for Trump in an essentially binary election. We feel UTTERLY betrayed by them. Does that make a difference to our high regard for observant Jews,especially those despised by HC (repeatedly using the monicker “fuckin Bibi” for a Churchillian prime minister) not at all.
        Too, you have Dennis Praeger, a leading light and Jewish teacher arguing for Trump support.
        Any open site like this will all shades of nut cases, racists, anti-semites, conspiracy nuts, etc along with a majority of concerned patriots. So don’t harshly judge all Trump supporters as the same. Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Gulliani are not cultists.

      • Ah, yes. My “NeoCohen” friends.

        Guess what, pal: I’m not a Jew but my Savior is.

        Thanks for proving my point, you Nazi POS.

        I wore my country’s uniform; bet you didn’t.

        Enjoy your loss in November. Gonna be a big pity party at Reichbart.

    • It’s true, the NeoCons are just a bunch of Bolsheviks dressed Blue Blazers and Bow Ties over Red Underwear.

    • When really, he is who he says he is, and they are mad he’s not in it for himself like they are.
      Trump has sacrificed tens of millions in income, to run to save us from ourselves.

      We must help him chase off the vultures pecking at the dying carcass of the USA. We suspected that a lot of the vultures were so-called conservatives, and now we know we were right.

      Their masks have been ripped away, and we will never vote for them again.

  26. Fine. But all the pro and con arguments about what Trump would actually “do” are based on conjecture. He’s proven he will say just about anything that pops into his mind and reverse himself the next day. Trump is a wild card, while Clinton is a sure old maid. So the choice is take the risk or surrender. But a third choice is to support the political revolution by voting neither-nor. Neither Trump nor Clinton will receive a governing majority. That’s the longer term significance of this election.

    • Neither Trump nor Clinton will receive a governing majority? Huh? One of them WILL be President and one of the two Parties WILL have a majority. This isn’t one of those European political systems with a slew of political parties. You can vote for Trump or Clinton. Anything else is just giving up your vote to the lead candidate.

  27. Who cares whether Trump is a “true conservative”. The main issue should be whether you agree with what he is saying. (BTW Not HOW he is saying it and what language he is employing). These Never Trumpers are the people who raised the Snowflakes that now populate the universities, and need safe spaces from daily realities, and melt if they are micro aggressed.

    • Trump’s put his policies & likely choices for the Supreme Court on the table. Which ones do conservatives disagree with?

  28. Good article.
    I am rapidly tiring of the constant negativity directed at Trump from the right. All the talk of “values” does not disguise the fact that either Hillary or Trump will be making SC picks.

    • And as the Supreme Court choices go, so go people’s Second Amendment rights, abortion rights, freedom of religion rights, border protections, respect for the rule of law, etc.

      • Bill Bennett, a man who while writing a book called the Book of Virtues had lost $8 million gambling at casinos. Bennett also headed a group called Empower America that was opposed to casino gambling being legalized in more states.

        Fits in with Trump pretty well and some wonder why we are losing a whole generation of young people to the Democrats.

      • So unless he’s perfect in every way his opinions are invalid?
        The fact that you immediately resort to smears rather than trying reason shows that you are a democrat stooge – you aren’t fooling anyone..
        We never HAD the “young” people: “If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain”. Although it’s notable that more than 60% of young democrat women wanted Sanders over hillary..

      • Both Reagan and Bush Sr. carried the youth vote. Reagan by 20 points in 1984.

      • And yet you morons were telling us that all the college students hated Reagan…
        Trump will carry the youth vote by fifty points. They know that the only hope they have of getting a job is for Trump to rescuscitate the economy..

      • A man with an addiction, since conquered. I’m very admiring of you as you must be well nigh perfect!

      • He knows that hillary is perfect in all ways…

      • No one is perfect, but when you have problems of that magnitude, perhaps you shouldn’t be telling others how to live.

        Jesus said in Matthew 7:3–“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

      • How come you don’t apply the same standard to hillary?

      • I do apply the same standards to Hillary but I’m a conservative so I expect liberals to be hypocrites.

      • If you were really a Conservative you would judge Bennett’s argument on it’s merits. Instead you dismiss his arguments because Bennett had a gambling problem.
        It’s notable that liberals always feel the need to lie about their political allegiance.

      • The right message can be delivered by the wrong messenger.

        We can’t win elections by preaching to the choir. We have to convince voters that conservative policies are best for our country. Hard to do when you have blatant hypocrites as your spokesmen.

      • Neither Trump or Bennett are hypocrites. They are “converts” who have admitted they were wrong in the past. Was Reagan a hypocrite? How about the Apostle Paul? (Read Romans 7:15 for the answer because many in his days accused him of being one, just as you are.) Who now is casting the first stone?
        Point is, it’s now time for every American to question the past 80 years of the “progressive” socialist movement. . . which is exactly what Trump did. Thank God.

      • Bennett was writing his book of “virtues” at the same time he was gambling away millions, so yes he was a hypocrite.

        If you believe Trump has suddenly “converted” to being a conservative in the last few months than you are falling for a con job.

        You can’t compare the conversions of the Apostle Paul or Reagan to Trump who obviously has no core principles.

        We saw the fruits of Paul and Reagan’s conversions. Do you really think Trump would have any knowlege of Burke, Chambers, Kirk, Kristol or any of the other great conservative philosophers?

      • I think it’s very revealing who DJT has surrounded himself with (beyond the campaign staff) and then remember the “personnel as policy” point that’s been made. Also note the SCOTUS candidates that he’s proposed. Are they not conservative enough?
        You should be more concerned with what Laffer, Sessions, Guiliani, Flynn and what they believe and propose. They are the ones defining policy and will be the ones to implement it.
        Kirk? the same Kirk that voted for Eugene McCarthy in 1976?
        No doubt in my mind that William F. Buckley Jr. would vote for Trump.
        I held my nose and voted for Romney in 2012….even donated to his campaign. It was a binary choice for me. Millions of Republicans didn’t vote and Obama won. You think they did the right thing by not voting? I don’t.

      • I don’t know what Russell Kirk’s reasons for voting for McCarthy in 1976 were, but there is no doubt that he was a man of conservative principles. Do you really think Trump has ever read or even heard of Kirk’s book The Conservative Mind?

        There is a huge difference in being wrong on some issues as Romney might have been and being a buffoon on issues as Trump daily demonstrates.

        There is no way Buckley would have supported Trump. He wrote this about him in 2000:

        “Look for the narcissist. The most obvious target in today’s lineup is, of course, Donald Trump. When he looks at a glass, he is mesmerized by its reflection. If Donald Trump were shaped a little differently, he would compete for Miss America. But whatever the depths of self-enchantment, the demagogue has to say something. So what does Trump say? That he is a successful businessman and that that is what America needs in the Oval Office. There is some plausibility in this, though not much. The greatest deeds of American Presidents — midwifing the new republic; freeing the slaves; harnessing the energies and vision needed to win the Cold War — had little to do with a bottom line.”

      • You could say the same about Patton, MacArthur, Napoleon and many other great leaders.
        And if anybody was more self-absorbed and full of himself than William F. Buckley Jr, I’d like to know who.
        I can understand how Trump could be viewed as a narcissist. But I can also understand the business strategy of developing a brand, which of course fits his ego-centric personality. And without that personality he would never have won the nomination, never. That’s what I like about him: his pit-bull, alpha-male, nothing’s impossible approach. He won’t back down when he faces Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or any of the other DC parasites. I think he’s a great team builder and not a micro-manager. For me, it’s about his policy statements and who’s on the team. And I’m sure there will be many on his team that has read Kirk.

      • No one ever said the 3 leaders you named have the attributes to be president of our country.

        Of course Buckey was self absorbed but he faught all of his career for liberty, limited government, and the Constitution. Subjects, Trump has never demonstrated an understanding of beyond about the 5th grade level.

        Trump has not shown at all to be a great team builder during his campaign. Why do you think he will magically become one if elected?

        I see no evidence he would stand up to the Reids and Pelosis of the world as narcissits of the Trump variety have an unhealthy need to be liked. Of course, he has funded both which is something one could not accuse Romney or McCain of.

      • Trump very clearly stated that he doesn’t need God’s forgiveness.

        You’re deluded, and a liar.

      • If young people go over to the Democrats, the GOP never really had much of a grasp on them in the first place. Those persons must have low intellects and/or weak critical thinking skills.

        So, even if the GOP had them for a moment, it would be impossible to keep them. The Democrats pandering & promises of freebies would be much too much temptation for them.

      • Also the democrats have offered to forgive their student loans.
        The same loans that the democrats engineered so that they couldn’t be paid back or discharged by bankruptcy in the first place.

      • I get the Trump is preferable to Hillary argument, Supreme Court etc.

        What I don’t get is the enthusiastic Trump supporters. Trump is a clown and is not a conservative. We should be disgusted about what he has done to the GOP.

      • But he DID pay attention to his own plank since he apparently overcame
        his gambling addiction. And how is it hypocritical for a gambler to
        oppose further legalization of casino gambling to stop others from being
        hooked as he was?

  29. “Never Trump” Conservatives understand this.
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
    ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  30. Bill Buckley ‘would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book rather than the faculties of Harvard and Yale’ is approximately the quote. As for neverTrumpers, when they get to the voting both, if they do, I assume they will put aside their preening vanity and pride and vote for Trump.

    • There are a few “NeverTrumpers” in the punditocracy – I doubt that there are many “NeverTrumpers” amongst the common people. Most ordinary people have learned that life is a series of choices between limited options. The perfect presidential candidate hasn’t been born.

  31. Great article Seth !!!
    There is no perfect, including Trump.
    This year, we are facing a held harmless persistent liar and lawbreaker…..very frustrating.
    The choice to vote for Trump is actually easy when you consider the terrible opponent.

    • I want to see Trump win so that hillary will have to do the “Perp-walk”, I would LOVE to see that..
      Actually I’d love to see her burned at the stake.

  32. This author could use a good editor! The piece is twice as long as it needed to be!

  33. Great article. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but the article suggests an analysis is wanted to understand the principled Conservative’s imagining of how their vote for a candidate translates into real leverage or control. An explicit conversation of the legitimate secular and religious spheres and how they interact. Currently religious, conservative people are told to keep it private, and not dare to influence public policy based on values that at the top are religious. This is untenable and insulting.
    Others on the same side see a larger battle outside the normal rules of the game. Media bias, Alinsky tactics, institutional Republican and Democratic corruption. And they see we are losing the battle. Normal rules no longer apply. We are all bigots now.
    Perhaps the fear is that by compromising on underlying principle they become a hypocrite and lose all future right to speak to an issue. Once an institution loses credibility it becomes worthless. And they have falsely been branded hypocrites by haters of religion on the Left. The principles they want to see in evidence are trustworthiness, Constitutional principles, and some awareness of God in life.
    It is time to have this conversation before the election.

  34. I’d much rather clean up the mess after Trump than whatever it is that a Clinton Supreme Court loaded with leftists would do!

    Who thought for a quick second that Trump would win the primaries, wasn’t the thought laughable? Now were on the verge of a Trump presidency and those that were laughing are now crying, and due to their own belligerent intransigence are left out of the fun!!!

    Long live Donald Trump!

    • How do you know Trump won’t nominate leftists? He loves Kelo. And he hedged his language like a slimeball lawyer when he put out his list of candidates, even after he said he would publish a list from which he would choose a nominee. Nope. Your argument requires assumptions for which there is no factual support.

      • This well written column was about you, did [you] know that?

      • This illogical column was written to make Trump cult members feel better about blaming anyone but their candidate and themselves for the giant landslide GOP defeat that’s coming. I’m not voting for Clinton or her longtime donor and good friend. You’re voting for a Clinton financer who now conveniently claims to abhor the Clintons. That makes you an enabler of the greatest con job ever pulled in American politics, greater than even the Obama con job. Great work.

      • Bitter? Tell me, who were you supporting for POTUS, who was your guy?

        Honestly, Trump wasn’t my first choice but the way things are now situated he’s a spectacular star-burst of my approval, that I wholeheartedly support, as apposed to Hillary!

        No need to go into a long winded denunciation, as I will not be in the least swayed away from my support of Trump, nope!

      • George W. Bush and his Daddy both nominated Leftists so WTF are you talking about?

      • Bill “Kristollnacht,” huh?

        You favor the gassing of God’s chosen people.

        And I should vote for Trump so I can be like you?

        I’ll pass.

      • I’m a Holocaust Survivor you anti-Semite!!!!

      • GW did nominate Alito who has been solid. Roberts has been a disaster on two very important rulings. Obamacare and Arizona’s right to enforce immigration law.

  35. This is not an actual argument for Trump. Such an argument would explain to me why I should support a candidate who has shown open disdain for private property rights and celebrates one of the worst decisions on civil liberties by the Supreme Court in our country’s history (Kelo). Such an argument would explain to me how Trump would not harm the country permanently with his reckless language on NATO, support of Putin’s aim to recapture the so-called greatness of the Soviet Union, and his development of yet one more armed federal force to deport millions of people residing here illegally.

    I can’t stand Hillary. But none among the Trump cultists and half-hearted apologists has ever advanced an argument showing how Trump will be materially better than Clinton. Both are dishonorable. Both have built a fortune on scams. Both have records of cheating the taxpayers and the proverbial “little guy.” Both have records of supporting authoritarianism in derogation of the US Constitution. Both have records of doublespeak and flip-flopping positions on any given day.

    On the “moral superiority” argument – this is really a claim that character doesn’t matter. Only policies matter. I would find some merit in this argument if a person’s character was not so morally bankrupt (and simultaneously devoid of guiding principle) that the character problems would more likely than not impact his policy positions. Trump regularly reneges on contractual obligations, preferring to use his platoon of high-priced Manhattan litigators to stomp out any lowly contractor who, in Trump’s eyes, didn’t do Trump right. Trump habitually can’t help himself from personally lashing out with the most juvenile insults and lack of restraint I’ve seen in my lifetime from any major political leader. Trump treats his promises and obligations to his business partners and spouses as totally disposable, subject to whatever is best for Trump himself and no one else. Given the deep-rooted character problems, we’re not just talking about a guy with a mistress, or a hard drinker, or someone who uses crude language to make his points. We’re talking about someone who would put himself above the good of the country in a heartbeat if he thought he was personally slighted or if he thought his historic greatness would be promoted by a certain policy decision. Imagine if some Iranian cleric comments on the size of Trump’s hands, or if Trump envisions himself the leader of the US during WWIII. Scoff if you will, but both situations considered in light of Trump’s deplorable and infantile character should give any thoughtful person pause before supporting him for the highest and most powerful office in the world.

    I’m not #NeverTrump because I feel morally superior to him. My morality is irrelevant unless I too were running for president. I’m #NeverTrump because his words and actions and character paint an image of a dangerous, authoritarian megalomaniac.

    • You’re listening to professional detractors that hardly know the man, but are paid to smear his image.

      Here’re some of the things that those that actually know Trump & have worked with him say.

      Trump’s a successful businessman & entrepreneur. He’s a winner. He knows how to build things; he knows how to get things done; & he knows how to create jobs.

      He’s given women opportunities in his businesses that others wouldn’t have.

      And judging from the way his children turned out, he must be a great father.

      Plus, those closest to him say that he is a very smart & fair man that knows how to assemble teams to get things done expeditiously, efficiently, & cost effectively.

      He has a team of advisors & he carefully listens to their counsel, weighs it, & oftentimes employs it. But in the end, he makes the decisions.

      Trump knows how to succeed, & he wants to employ his knowledge & skills to help America succeed & be great once again.

      • Principally, I’ve read and listened to Trump’s own words – like when he said Hillary Clinton had done a fine job at the State Department, when he supported the assault weapons ban and partial birth abortion, and when he supported Pelosi’s effort to impeach Bush and embraced Code Pink’s false narrative on the Iraq War. He still adores the Kelo decision, and why shouldn’t he? That fortune you claim he’s built was made possible, in a small way, by government theft of private property (i.e., the abuse of eminent domain power.

        Trump is great at insulting people and marketing. Otherwise, his fortune is largely a product of his father’s Manhattan real estate empire. He had a head start of a couple hundred million dollars. And his reneging on his promise to release his tax returns tells me he’s not worth anything near that he claims.

        As for being a “great father,” you know he said he wanted nothing to do with raising his children right? What’s the use? You cultists care nothing about facts and Trump’s deplorable record. All you care about is vacuous nationalistic/authoritarian rhetoric that speaks to your inner bigot.

        You know what the sum total of your little cult orgy will be? President Hillary Clinton. Get use to reading that and hearing it, because you will have played a major role in getting Clinton elected by nominating the biggest horse’s rear end a political party ever had the nerve of nominating in US history.

      • You’re a mindless lib that’s drinkin’ the MSM’s koolaid. At least the MSM admits to what it’s doing.

        Even if what you said were true (and not smears by paid professions), Trump is still head & shoulders above the most corrupt politician in U.S. history”: Hillary Rotten Clinton.

        Nigerian businessman Gilbert Chagoury is an international criminal & former partner of another international scofflaw, Marc Rich. But he gave $30 million to the Clinton Foundation.

        Shady people in Kazakhstan, the world’s capital of philanthropy (NOT!), also made mega-dollar contributions to the Clinton Crime Family.

        Bill Clinton also helped strip mining companies & blood diamond mining
        companies rob, loot, & damage third world countries in exchange for speech
        money & contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

        What Bill Clinton is doing amounts to modern day colonialism.

        Sure, folks, criminals are some of the greatest philanthropists on earth. Sam Giancana, Meyer Lansky, “Lucky” Luciano, Al Capone & Sam Gotti should all be honored for their philanthropic works. (That’s sarcasm, in case anybody failed to recognize it.)

        The Clinton Foundation is political corruption on steroids. Only people like those that thought the emperor was wearing new clothes in Hans Christian Andersen’s famous parody think the Clinton Foundation is bona fide. Hans Christian Andersen warned people about the negative effects of crowd psychology (setting the stage for Orwell’s prescient warnings in his novel, “1984”).

  36. “Maybe people will also come to the realization that a guy who says some things awkwardly, indecorously, infelicitously is not as big a problem as someone who’s going to hurt the country permanently.”

    There is no “Maybe” about it. If Hillary Clinton is elected, the very WORST elements of the Republican party, it’s so-called leadership under Ryan and McConnell, will be falling all over themselves to give Hillary everything she wants just as they did with Obama, and then we’ll be well on our way to living under one-party rule. But under Trump, Ryan and McConnell would be forced to behave more like actual Republicans and not as gratuitously betray the gullible twits who keep re-electing them.

    And then there’s the matter of supreme court, which hangs in the balance of whether of not a Liberal or Liberal posing as a “moderate” fills the Scalia vacancy, which the “Conservative intellectuals” use their incredible powers of rationalization to dismiss as insignificant and meaningless even though McConnell and Ryan would most certainly vote to confirm the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg to tip the balance of the court.

  37. Great column.

    Trump is not as pure an intellectual conservative as I’d like, but neither is he nearly as bad as his #NeverTrump detractors say.

    He will solve the 3 biggest problems destroying America right now:

    1 Mass immigration and open borders
    2 Treasonous job destroying, unconstitutional crony capitalist trade deals like NAFTA and TPP, and the H1B visa program which is openly destructive of the middle class.
    3 Repealing Ogabecare and the punitive costs and taxes that make it prohibitively expensive for smaller companies to hire Americans.

    …And the EPAs lock on the US energy industry.
    And protect the courts and the second amendment
    resisting the federalization of police, education, and implementation of the UN agenda 21

    Trump will do more for the US middle class than any Republican president has ever done, including Reagan, if he gets even half of these things done.

    To imagine that because he waffled on abortion rights or gay rights, or wants them left up to the states, or that he doesnt know Article 5 very well, or cannot recite the preamble or the presidential succession, that Grifter Hillary “the destroyer of nations” Clinton is a better choice for POTUS is madness in the extreme.

    Great article. Agree with all of it.

  38. Trump has no knowledge of policy, couldn’t pass a citizenship test. He takes joy only from being adored so he plays to his base. I’ll never vote for that orange maggot.

    • I’m with you and Her!!!!

      By the way, what’s that brown spot on her skirt?

      • You’re supposed to be looking at that $250,000 diamond on her finger. It was a gift to her from the Clinton Foundation, along with her private jet.

    • Now there is a well thought out argument. You will like the third world that Hillary takes us to.

  39. I’m voting for Hillary because she is a True NeoCon hell bent on starting WW 3 with Russia.

    In a way, she’d be like a George W. Bush (greatest POTUS in Histosry) 3rd term-

    Look, they have the same policies!

    1. Open Borders to continue the Mexican Invasion.

    2. Is for Endless Wars and even Nuclear Wars!

    3. Offshoring Jobs and making Americans work for slave wages.

    4. Importing Millions of Muslims that practice Shariah Law and want to kill us.

    5. Permanent Bailouts for Wall St Banks.

    6. Great Trade Agreements like NAFTA and TPP.

    7. Turning Middle America into a drug addicted waste land.

    What’s not to love???

  40. “It’s about saving our country”. Gag me, please. Donald Trump is saving NO ONE but his own phony ASS. He’s a fraud. I just don’t know how y’all can stomach the smell of the bullshit you buy into and that which comes forth from your mouth. I guess y’all have lost your sense of smell, along with your morals, if you ever had any. Trump is the true anti-Christ and any Christian who votes for this latest version of Satan deserves their fate, whether it is now (having to stomach 4 years of Hillary) or later in the afterlife. Put your faith in the Devil instead of God and humanity at large, and see how that works out for you. Hillary Clinton is a sinner, just like the rest of us and all the other politicians who have gone before her. Donald Trump is the Devil.

    • You sound angry today.

      A vote for Hillary is a vote for these people….oops, you are one of them.

      • You voted for Hillary when you nominated probably the only GOP candidate who would lose to her handily. Good work, bozo.

    • They have medications for the kinds of things you’re suffering from.

      Either that or consider moving out of Silent Hill.

  41. This picture is for everyone’s files.

    Enjoy the #nevertrump ding bats!

  42. Simple Fact of Reality: We have only two candidates to choose from. Like Trump or not, the alternative, Hillary, is so corrupt, so vile, so reprehensible, that the more they denigrate Trump, they are supporting Hillary

  43. On the god-awful chance that Hillary does win the election, I hope that the never trumpers are the first ones to get their faces smashed into the pavement

  44. The main reason the nevertrumpers like Mitt, Bush and Paulson don’t like Trump is he is a direct threat to their pocket book and ability to use government as a pay to play scheme.

    • LOL !

      Your lord trump is incompetent. He has hurt a LOT of good people. Consider…
      For 10 years between 1995 and 2005, Donald Trump ran Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts — and he did it so badly and incompetently that it collapsed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. His stockholders were almost entirely wiped out, losing a staggering 89% of their money. … A review of the company’s public filings show that over that period, while his ordinary investors were getting hosed, Trump himself was siphoning millions out of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts through salary, “bonuses”

      THAT is YOUR lord trump… incompetent… cheat…liar.

      • For a self professed history buff you’re strangely obsessed with Trump minutiae while ignoring the giant redwoods of Clinton Corruption. And you keep equating splinters to giant redwoods. Lousy historian.

      • Clinton is a non-starter.

        Clinton is not pretending to be a Conservative… much less a Republican – only sleazy trump is faking being a Republican. Trump should drop out.

  45. “Conservative” has become a description for narrow minded evangelical and also apparently morphed into racist as well.
    Now we have Trump who is simply a loud mouthed petulant child who without ethics has made some money and I’d be happy to have him not represent me.
    Meanwhile, the Democrats nominate a lying unscrupulous insult to women. What a pair of —— losers no matter what title they buy.
    And so I vote third party. .

    • This will soothe and cool your butt hurt.

    • Why bother voting at all. Just go out and welcome the deluge of 3rd world socialists that Hellary will bring in to make the US minority white and permanently Democrat. Dems would rather rule over hell than serve in heaven.

  46. Van Hellraiser

    He got up, and nothin’ getting’ him down
    His talk is tough, the toughest in town

    And he knows, baby, just how you feel
    You watch with joy as the media squeals

    Ah, can’t you see him standin’ there
    He’s face is on the TV screen
    He dominates the seen
    Ah, hear the pundits scream!

    Might as well Trump
    Might as well Trump
    Go ahead an’ Trump
    Go ahead and Trump

    Oh No
    He said that?

    He’s done it again
    You say you don’t know
    You won’t know until he begins

    Ah, can’t you see him standin’ there
    He’s face is on the TV screen
    He dominates the seen
    Ah, hear the pundits scream!

    Might as well Trump
    Go ahead and Trump
    Might as well Trump
    Go ahead and Trump
    Might as well Trump

  47. This article was waiting to be written. Republicans have been force-fed some really terrible candidates over the years. Trump is heads-and-shoulders above all of them.

    Most important, he is not more of the same old, same old. Outsiders with new ideas are not an option. If America is to survive to see the middle of this century, we need Washington outsiders to guide the ship of state. Now far more than ever.

    The status quo has got to go!

  48. Trump tells it like it is in his blue collar vernacular the Harvard elites despise. He is not and will never be an Ivy League club member and that had hurt him with the R elites. Well, guess what I say to those small people? F you! Just because YOUR candidate did not win the nomination doesn’t mean the winner is a poor choice. If Trump is so bad, then why didn’t your boy Mitt step in and save you? Right, because he prefers to hurl stones from the peanut gallery.
    If ALL R’s were ALL IN with Trump there is no question he would be leading Clinton. So if he does lose, do these R elites bask in the glory of “I told you so” and applaud Clinton’s presidency?
    These are very small-minded people who have not had the decency to contact Trump to explore what his gameplan is, let alone an attempt to help shape his vision and platform.
    Trump is a thinking person who listens to input and has the self-confidence to adjust his position if he thinks it is a better way. The R elite should have seen this and gotten on board to help shape Trump’s vision: Instead they have all taken their toys home and prefer to sulk.

    • Tells it like it is? ????
      He’s a pathological liar and epic flip flopper. The idea that a billionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth is a man of tbe people is simply laughable. Trump is the elitist. Trump is an atrocious choice. It has nothing to do with anyone sulking. It has to do with the man himself. He’s evil and unfit.

  49. This article is laughable. Bennett is a complete hypocrite. He has no moral ground to stand on. How do you criticize Hillary’s immorality when you support a morally bankrupt clown like Trump? Few real conservatives supported Romney or saw Giuliani as conservative at all, let alone as a conservative hero. I held my node and voted Romney. Many conservatives stayed home. I certainly won’t vote for someone way, way left of Romney and who is a pathological liar and morally bankrupt fraud on top of it. Those who nominated him own this debacle. He is not conservative in any way and is clearly unfit to be President.

  50. I like Donald Trump….a lot……maybe the Churchill of our times.

    and then we have the alternative……I think we have just scratched the surface of what a disaster would befall America with this train wreck of a human being in the presidency……

    The #NeverTrumpers are the Benedict Arnold’s of our times….we ARE IN the 2nd American Revolution

    • Absolute Bunk.

      You sell you morals, souls, and principle so cheaply to garbage like trump. You represent moral degeneration. Go start your own sleazy party if you want to engage & embrace corruption and incompetence.

      • You can ride your high set of principles to the depths of Hell. Trump embodies my principles far more than any checkpants country club Republican ever did. Imagine national sovereignty again in the age of globalism. I’m sorry Trump doesn’t pay enough lip service to free markets and limited government but that’s what the GOP has been running on for decades. Did we ever get limited government or free markets? No. We got big government and crony capitalism. Your ilk have been utterly pathetic at being effective opposition to the Democrats. You surrender one issue after another. It’s time to try something different.

      • You evidently wish to lower the bar on ‘presidential’ ethics. Obama is not low enough? Clinton not corrupt enough for you?

        Trump’s form of corruption is better than clinton’s?

        What about your children… will their presidents be at the level of routine violations of law for their whims… like clinton/trump routinely lie today?

        Think HARD – trump/clinton lead DOWN… not up.

      • You can stay happily perched on the fence. I’m choosing a side.

      • You are choosing degradation.

        Don’t be surprised when this ends badly.

      • Since Clinton’s corruption:
        has made her rich on the public dime
        while selling influence to foreigners
        and giving away state secrets as SOS on her email set up to hide her crookedness,
        got an American ambassador killed
        made Libya a sore bleeding into Europe
        got Ukraine invaded by Russia
        smeared her husband’s rape victims
        has suborned the FBI and AG to put her above the law,

        then yes, it’s much worse than anything Trump may have done or even your fevered imaginings.

      • The ‘TrueCons’ couldn’t even conserve bathrooms for little girls.

      • This is what ‘The Church of True Conservatism’ looks like today thanks to people like the Bushes, McCain, Romney, Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, George Will, Jonah Goldberg….basically the whole cast of Weekly Standard, National Review, Commentary…etc….

        If you’d ever had any “morals, souls, and principle” it wouldn’t look like this-

    • Churchill of our times. I can’t stop laughing. Thanks. You realize you plagiarized Jerry Falwell Jr., right?

  51. Hard to believe, but every once in a while you actually run into somebody who takes this Bennett character seriously. Don’t make that mistake. He’s a clueless, tubthumping jerk. As for the pig Trump, stop wasting my time.

  52. To respond to just one point of the article- the terrible people Hillary will surround herself with, and how important a consideration that is. I agree entirely that it is of MAJOR importance. But on that count the choices aren’t the best on either side. Mentions of Trump cabinet & advisors: Ben Carson, Chris Christy, Rudolph Guliani, David Barton, Sarah Palin, Trey Gowdy, Carl Icahn, Jeff Sessions.

    • And what exactly is wrong with Ben Carson, Chris Christy, Rudolph Guliani, David Barton, Sarah Palin, Trey Gowdy, Carl Icahn, and Jeff Sessions?

  53. It is beyond belief to me that anyone can think Trump will “save the country”. He is more likely to destroy it, and the fact that a lot of Republicans think so as well should give you all pause.

    Trump as President will be a crisis – an unqualified, temperamentally unfit demagogue, who must be stopped for the sake of our Republic and the world.

    • Hillery is NOT fine, but – just as bad as trump.

      A vote for either one is a vote to institutionalize sleaze & corruption in America. Johnson is no better.

      We have some bad times coming up.

      • I notice that you and the die-hard liberal Democrat are on the same page.

      • I notice you and habitual liars are on the same page. As for hillery and trump… and even democrats in general… you sleazy trump has supported clinton, and democrats:

        “Donald Trump jumped into the crowded and rowdy Republican presidential field on Tuesday, but the business magnate has astutely played both sides of the aisle for years, and has been especially cozy — financially and personally — with Hillary Clinton.

        She wasn’t the only Democratic beneficiary of Trump’s wealth. Trump donated $5,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and $20,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the 2006 cycle, effectively buoying the election prospects of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, respectively.

        Just $1,000 of Trump’s money in the 2006 cycle went to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

        What was that YOU said… about being on the same page with liberal democrats? Did YOU mean to say… donald trump?

  54. Saving a country by electing a fascist? Really?

  55. It seems to me that the Never Trump group fails to see that the rank and file voters, in whom they have obviously lost faith, have already left the Republican party and are voting for Trump, not because he’s a Republican, but because he’s Trump. Should the election prove my supposition to be correct the only hope conservatism has is if Trump wins. Because, If he doesn’t, most of the current Republican support will disappear and leave the Never Trump set with a pure, but forever powerless, Republican party of greatly reduced membership. These times are way too serious to be put off by Trump’s rough edges and philosophically impure approach. If “pure” conservatism is the best approach, Trump will surely adopt it because unlike his detractors he has succeeded because he lives in a world ruled by practicality and results.

    • Many ‘republicans’ are only voting for trump by holding their noses. What do you think they will do when his vast promises… don’t materialize?

      What will good & decent people do when trump’s lies are exposed? What comes after ttrump as a ‘president’… how much lower can corruption in America go after 8 years of obama… 4 years of trump or clinton?

      What comes next when the bar has been set far lower?

      • Damn you’re angry and delusional too!

        Try some of this-

      • I regret that have no answers for your questions. I can only hope that Trump is indeed the lesser of two evils. Actually, I even hope that he will be as good as his promises. I must say I have been fooled by politicians who presented without any of Trump’s ill-thought-out statements, but who, in practice, were carrying water for the prince of darkness. The Republicans seem to be split into those who think Trump is a monster and will or will not vote for him depending on inner priorities and those that think of Trump as a savior who will transform Americans into (from pure Joy) singers of Yankee Doodle Dandy. I guess I’m in the later group — but I’m usually on the losing side so I won’t be expecting to be singing any time soon.

      • You are doing exactly what people did for obama.

        Wish you well.

      • Obama want’s to hand over our internet to the UN.
        Give em H3ll.
        Congress returns from vacation on Monday.
        The traitors say think of the kids of the world.
        Think of your kids.
        Think long and hard about your progeny.
        What kind of nation are you leaving them?
        1. google: contact congress
        2. Pick up phone &/or get online.
        3. If you’re a red dot in a blue district call a whole lot more.
        4. Contact your congressmen &/or women.
        5. Spread the word.
        6. Tell others to spread the word.
        Burn the lines.

        I can’t think of a better way to welcome them back to work.

      • Do you claim to be… American… European… or Russian?

        And, obama should have been impeached by now just as clinton should have been indicted.

      • Should have been. Could have been. If you really were a history buff you should have been able to figure out that any President with an R behind his name is constrained by the media, FBI, IRS, CIA, military brass, Big Union and leftist government bureaucracy in a way that a Democrat President is not. There are NO controls on a Democrat any longer, not even a nominally Republican Congress and a SCOTUS that had a Scalia on it.

        Dem Presidents are now completely rogue, like the Obamanation unopposed for almost 8 long years of destruction.

      • Trump even if he TRIED could never match Clinton corruption in 4 years. It’s not as though the enemedia is going to allow the FBI and AG to put a Republican President above the law as they have Clinton.

  56. How #NeverTrumpers See Themselves……

    One Picture is Worth 1000 Words….

    [Make this Meme go Viral ! …….the Media will simply NOT ALLOW Trump’s and the American People’s message to be heard or seen ……it is ALL up to us and Donald ……and he’s already doing everything he can…we need to get the message out to ALL our family, friends, and acquaintances]

    I would appreciate any feedback on this meme…..what do you think of it?….Will you use this and send it to people in your social network?… you think it might have an effect on your friends you share it with?….thanks.

    ⤵ Also, do you like this?

  57. This is Junk.

    Obviously mr. Leibsohn does not stand for much except… ‘be popular’… “winning is all that matters’… and all Principles are negotiable.

    Sorry. I reject mr. Leibsohn and his spineless lack of ethics.

    • Which one of the faces are you in this picture?

  58. Bill Bennett is a conservative? Well yes. He supports the failed policy of Prohibition. And it is not only failed. It is currently unpopular – with 58% (and rising) support for ending cannabis prohibition.

    I don’t see Prohibition as a route for making America Great.

    • People who support drug legalization are morons. Reduced sentences for simple possession? Maybe. But legalization? Selling drugs? Only if your goal is to destroy the society even more.

      My dream is that Trump not only enforces federal law on immigration by punishing sanctuary cities, but that he also goes after states that have defied federal law by legalizing marijuana.

  59. Anyone who makes their living from politics in any way seems to be bothered by Trump for reasons that are personal, not ideological.

    When it comes to policy, Trump is not merely conservative. He is VERY conservative. What he is not, is a libertarian. “Libertarian”, for those who don’t know, is the modern word for classical liberals. People who, at the founding of the country, were Democrats.

    Trump is the most conservative nominee since Reagan. Arguably more conservative than Reagan on certain fronts. The one area where Trump may be suspect is social issues, but his list of Supreme Court Justices is a more conservative move than any nominee in memory. He has actually promised a litmus test on abortion, which previous nominees had refused to do.

    If you compare Trump’s positions on immigration and trade to past Republicans, going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln, he is right in line with them. The Republican whose positions are most similar is arguably Calvin Coolidge, who signed a 40 year moratorium on immigration. And the Republicans were the ones who were “isolationists” in the past, arguing against involvement in WWII.

    The fact of the matter is, the “modern conservative movement” was a marriage of convenience between conservatives and classical liberals abandoned by the Democrats. It is the liberals (I.e. Libertarians) who are unhappy with Trump. The blue bloods also despise him, which is a phenomenon he noted in interviews at the 1988 Republican convention (yes, he was there) – “The rich people don’t like me, because I compete against them. The cab drivers like me more”.

  60. I don’t mean to seem unduly cynical, but the motive of the NeverTrumpers among the conservative chattering class and the Republican establishment is not all that mysterious, and it is not that Trump is not conservative enough (as if Romney, McCain, and the Bushes were), or that he is coarse or vulgar (their sensibilities are not that delicate). It is simple: they are paid, directly or indirectly, by wealthy donors, i.e., Chamber-of-Commerce conservatives, who want cheap labor and so favor mass immigration. So when a candidate makes building a wall and deporting illegals the centerpiece of his campaign, they will do whatever they can to stop him. They do not care if Clinton wins; they can make a perfectly nice living ineffectually denouncing left-wing excesses. They do not care if changing the demographics of the country means that the Democrats get a permanent majority (well, they may actually care, but they will deny, especially to themselves, that that is happening in order not to threaten the donations they live on); again, they can make a nice living ineffectually denouncing left-wing excesses. Trump supporters support him because of the positions he has taken; Trump opponents oppose him for the same reason.

    I would add one more thing, though: if Trump loses, it will be the end of the conservative movement and the Republican Party as significant forces in American politics. That is because if Trump loses, it will be because so many conservatives and Republicans worked so hard to make Clinton President. Trump supporters will not forget that. If Trump loses, the establishment can pick whomever they like four years from now. I won’t vote for him, and I suspect I’m not alone. I have voted for every Republican Presidential candidate since I was old enough to vote, and I have likewise voted for the Republicans in every Congressional election as well. No more. If the conservatives and Republicans who don’t like Trump won’t come out for our guy, why we should we come out for their guys? A political party or movement is not supposed to be a one-way street.

    • It’s a disgrace that all those candidates who took a pledge to support the nominee went back on their word because Trump was victorious. Sections of the ‘conservative’ media prefer Clinton. I am convinced Glenn Beck just wants to sell more books that rail against Hillary. A president Trump would not help Conservatism Inc. make money. They’ve done so well during the Obama years why would they want to cut off the gravy train?

      As for the people pretending they are standing on their ‘principles’, the GOP has a hard time getting elected today on the message of limited government and free markets. Do you really think anyone is going to pay attention to that message when Hillary has legalized and given citizenship to millions from the third world? It’s Trump or bust. Wake up.

      • I wasn’t surprised so many of them abandoned their “pledge.”

        They’ve been doing it for 30 years now so it just comes naturally for them to break their word.

    • Absolutely correct. They are neither conservatives nor progressives. They are Greedy Takers – the Holders of Power – who care more about the corrupt system that enriches them than they do about America. It could not be more clear: If this election is about anything it is a big YES or NO on the status quo.

  61. The NeverTrumpers are disgraceful, and win or lose, we Real Patriots WILL remember them (I hope you are listening, Jonathan LAST, Bill Kristol, and the rest of the putzes at The Weakly Standard).

  62. I have been a Conservative all my life. Now, I am embarrassed to say I am a Conservative. Conservatives are no longer what they used to be and they certainly don’t act like they used to either. Used to we had our squabbles during the Primary. Of course back then, most of us did not realize how the primary was manipulated so the RINO’s and the Eternal Establishment and all the little mouth’s that go with them always got their candidate even if they had to play fight for a little while. This time it was different and they lost and they could not possibly lose more ungraciously. That does not speak well of them or our party. As for Mr. Trump…he is no more imperfect than anyone else is and certainly no more imperfect than the temper tantrum set who spends their days wallowing in Trump Attack. Mr. Trump has some great ideas for our country, the Republican platform is probably the most conservative it has been in decades and on top of all that, I will be proud of my President again. I have literally studied Mr. Trump for the past year. Watched every video, interview and read every article. He is NOT a racist, he is NOT a misogynist by any means. I have talked to people that have worked in fields that required interaction with him and what they say about him is always the same. He listens, he’s tough, he expects excellence, but he is a good and kind man. What more can you ask for than that? He is not a man that has to be in control of everything, he is a leader and knows how to delegate…he has all the best qualities a leader needs to have and a leader is what we need more than anything. A short story. He bought the GM building and it required extensive renovations. Work crews were there for months. He would often pop in and hang around and chat with the workmen. One day it was raining horribly, so he had lunch catered in so people didn’t have to go out in the rain for lunch. She said everything you could imagine was brought in, and he was there and at with the crew. He IS a man of the people. He may be a billionaire, but he is our billionaire.

  63. One more thing…ANYONE who is on the right side of the isle politically need to STOP prefacing their comments concerning Trump with things like “like him or not” etc…have some guts, stand up for what you know is the right thing. Trump is nothing to be ashamed of so STOP IT.

  64. “It’s about saving our country.” So we need a secretive, dishonest, horribly aging 70 yo faux billionaire to “save our country.” If so, there may not be much left to save. Amazing that the author would accuse Obama of “dismantling of missile defense in Europe, also appeasing Russia,” while supporting a candidate who has yet to figure out that Putin has invaded the Ukraine, requests Putin’s assistance in an American election and pledges to virtually dismantle NATO.

  65. Yes, there is a country that needs to be saved.

    Saved from the 35+ years of trickle-down/supply-side Satanomics that has decimated the middle class.

    Better a union thug than the current crony-Oligarchy’s corporate Caliphate’s thugs.

  66. Seth, great defense of Bill. Perhaps the reason why Bill is so reasoned is because he left the walls of academia and think tanks. For over ten years, Bill actually listened to the voices of Americans instead of listening to the voices of co-workers. Putting ideas into practice can be a bumpy road and when your a smug and sanctimonious “think-tanker”, you’re not used to having your ideas challenged.

  67. Right on! Hooray, and thank G-d for Bill Bennett; and for you too. Yes, country before party, country before vanity, country before pride. But let’s also remember that if we continue to have essentially open borders — and Hillary will even further open the floodgates — and if we end up over the next four years with a 7-3 liberal/progressive/marxist Supreme Court, the country AND the conservative movement AND the Republican party are over. Barack Obama intentionally diminished America because he views it as a force for evil in the world. And the world will suffer by that diminishment. Please let us at least have a president who wants to make America great, not small.

  68. Well done!
    What the “holier than thou” greedy Republicans who want Hillary to continue feeding the government pigs do not understand is that their cover is blown.
    To attack and eat their own betrayed who and what they really are.
    As a life long Republican I choose never to vote Republican again if Trump loses because of these sanctimonious liars, cheats, manipulators and traitors.
    “Moral superiority?” to what? I have seen packs of coyotes display higher moral superiority than Republicans this year.
    Their false piety not only will not “save” the party, it shows how stupid it is to have a popular candidate [a nasty populist according to Levin] and veritably announce to the world they PREFER and will themselves VOTE FOR a liar, a con artist, a traitor while Secretary of State who sold US data to foreign entities, one with a trail of dead bodies in her wake and a lifetime hobby as money-laundering thief rather than a businessman who is not a member of the Lawyers’ Club.
    People are very angry. Listen up, you poor sad Republicans, do not underestimate the common masses you can barely tolerate because of your ‘moral superiority.’ Grow up. The people have a voice.
    Vote Trump if you do not want to lose America.

  69. #nevertrumpers are stuck on stupid. Their egos is more important than the state of the country. Its laughable when I hear them argue that Trump is the same or worst than Hillary. Not even close. Lots of Conservatives surround Trump’s council, while Leftists surround Hillary. There’s more chance Trump will get it right, while zero chance of Hillary getting it right

  70. Trump for president! Enough of the Clinton corruption and left wing destruction of American values. This whole mess needs to be interrupted and hopefully reversed. We still have a chance, but this may well be the very last chance we have to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  71. This article has legs and should be read again, today!

  72. ‘Trump told Bush, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do
    anything… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” ‘

    Thank you so much for foisting this degenerate on us!

  73. Another nice article, but you miss one thing. The anti-Trumpsters aren’t conservatives, they’re globalists who take their orders from the Davoisie. They put their own self-interest before the Country and party. They know a Hillary presidency will mean the Supremes packed with SJW’s and they know that Hillary will destroy America as a nation state. They understand they have destroyed the repub party and they know that Hillary will enfranchise 40+ million illegals and the repubs will never win the South again and without the South the presidency. They know all this, but still hate Trump because he had the audacity to rise above his position and run circles around them. The repub elites start at their conclusion and then tailor their rationale to reject Trump. They have to make a monster out of him and demonize him to justify their despicable behavior. They’re deluded in their hatred to think, if they can only blame Trump for this loss, they will have all the Trump supporters coming back with their tails tucked between their legs.

  74. Apparently, being a conservative means having the right enemies. Once you’ve got those, you’re in. Regardless of your imperfections – whatever they may be.

    For Bill Bennett and members of the Republican/conservative Party, I have only one name…a name that represents the sum total of your accomplishment in political life: Donald Trump.

  75. The fallacious assumption that Dr. Bennett made is that Donald Trump will not harm the country permanently. The fact is that he already has by lowering the character standards for a republican candidate to the same level as the Clintons. Prior to Trump, for most of the last century, both parties tried to at least give the impression that their nominees had exemplary personal character. For the democrat party, That really started going out the window with JFK and Bill Clinton completed that defenestration. Trump accomplishes the same for the republican party.