Looking at Trump as a Turnaround Executive

The 2016 election outcome was an unexpectedly loud declaration by the American people about their dissatisfaction with the direction of the country. Further, the magnitude of the post-election polarization has ensured the historical habit of “happy talk” promoting the need for bipartisan initiatives that bring us together is absent and not going to happen. We

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A Partial Defense of Milo Yiannopoulos

Some thoughts on the Milo Yiannopoulos brouhaha. Of course the former Breitbart.com editor's videotaped comments, in which he seemed to condone sex with young teenage boys, are appalling. And, like many others, I found his denials and apologies to be insufficient. But I’d like to put some other things on the table to explain why I’m

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“A Culture of Snitching” is the Result of the Failures in American Civic Education

Mark Steyn joined Chris Buskirk today on the Seth and Chris Show to discuss many ways the Left's long march through the institutions has undermined American education and worked to erode civic trust. This has had a bad effect not just in America, but even in terms of the example America sets for the rest

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Media Still Don’t Understand How Trump Plays Them

Did Donald Trump and his media savvy staff purposely set up CNN and the rest of the adversarial White House press corps during this week’s press conferences? And more important, are we seeing signs of the tactics Trump and Steve Bannon are planning to use against what he refers to as the “opposition party?” I

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An Intelligent Citizen’s Guide to Modern American Liberalism

As a child I marveled at the incredible beauty on display at the Miss America Pageant. But my father cautioned me with the admonition: “Beauty is as beauty does.” Similarly, the true test of moral virtue is not opinions or passions, but actions. That old-fashioned wisdom comes to mind as the nation is convulsed by

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Authoritarians Today Lob Lies from the Left

The reaction to Michael Anton’s elevation to the National Security Council confirms that he is a man of penetrating insight. Anton, of course, was for some time better known as “Publius Decius Mus,” writing at the Journal of American Greatness, the Claremont Review of Books, and, of course, American Greatness. In his famous piece, “The

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Decius Out of the Darkness: A Q&A with Michael Anton

Michael Anton takes questions from reporters in the West Wing. The Huffington Post on Thursday published a story by foreign affairs reporter Jessica Schulberg highlighting the work of Michael Anton, also known as Publius Decius Mus. Headlined “Trump Aide Derided Islam, Immigration And Diversity, Embraced An Anti-Semitic Past,” Schulberg’s story examines Anton’s older

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The President Versus the Judges

“Judges as persons, or courts, as institutions, are entitled to no greater immunity from criticism than other persons or institutions. There have sometimes been martinets upon the bench … who have used the paraphernalia of power in support of what they called their dignity. Therefore, judges must be kept mindful of their limitations, and of

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Media Has Nerve Claiming the Mantle of ‘Truth’

Ryan Lizza misses the plank in eyes of his own. CNN’s Anderson Cooper brought together his usual panel of political experts earlier this week to discuss Kellyanne Conway’s contentious interview with Jake Tapper. Conway asserted that several media outlets broadcast fake news about the Trump Administration. During the discussion, Jeffrey Lord had an

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