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About Rabbi Dov Fischer

Rav Dov Fischer, Esq., who has served two three-year terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America during the past seven years, is an adjunct professor of the law of Torts and of Civil Procedure at two major Southern California law schools and is rav of Young Israel of Orange County, California.

President Trump is More Supportive of Jews than Quasi-Jewish Leftists Are

They are my great protectors — leftist Jews, professional Democrat Jews, Jews in Hollywood and on Broadway, Jews in the liberal mainstream media. For a year and more, they have been in the forefront protecting me from the “anti-Semitism” of candidate — now President — Donald Trump, from Steve Bannon and Breitbart, and from the

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Making Sense of the FBI Email Distraction

FBI Director James Comey’s announcement on Sunday that the FBI has concluded its review of the emails found on the Anthony Weiner electronic devices seems reasonable. I actually had a bad cold two weeks ago and, as many of my friends know, I was off my computer and email for several days. Between my life

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